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Artwork By NB

Vital Statistics!

Character NameEvalia de Lune
HeightVariable, usually 12' but has often been 120'.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA lusterless black all over, neat and close to her body
Hair ColourA ponytail of black fur, still lusterless, which hangs to her waist.
Eye ColourA varied spectrum of blue, from ice-blue to a warm cobalt-flame, depending on mood.
ClothingShe normally wears grey or black silks, in a variety of styles. Her most common ensemble is a black skirt which is slit up one side to her waistband, draping sideways. A furtight sleeveless shirt shows off her not-inconsiderate bustline and physique.
AccessoriesShe doesn't seem to have any jewelery or piercings, standard. She has sometimes been seen with a pendant like a silver heart, but she doesn't seem to wear it that often.
WeaponryWeaponry? mostly natural and sizeshifting abilities, transformation magics, and a mastery over illusions and shadows. "It's all done with smoke and mirrors".

Personality & Background

PersonalityEvalia is an odd sort, a female furre who doesn't distinguish gender but is close to whomever is nice to her. She is playful, often, and prefers to make jokes which nevertheless fall flat more times than they hit her mark. She still tries. If there is a single word to describe how Evalia acts, it is "freespirited" . . . Yet, behind it all is a melancholy, as though she's expecting it all to collapse at any time.
BackgroundThere's more background to Evalia than is fair to get into. It is sufficient to note she is a creation of magic from another fur's living body and has become her own being through friends and assurances from others that she is indeed a real person.
LikesGrowing, testing limits, quick wits, cuddles, and creative minds. Prefers to be rather low-key when she is around friends in public.
DislikesBlatant come-ons, being alone, feeling powerless, and feeling unwanted
LocationWherever she roams.