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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShandra "kitten" Naktobi
Height7ft 3in

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourlight cream
Hair Colourshort and scruffy, dyed black
Eye ColourJade
Clothingher lucky Camo-pants, and short sleeved white T-shirt.
AccessoriesCellphone, wallet, keys, pencil and notepad.
Weaponry9mm Pistol, outfitted for armor-piercing, standard and semi-auto fire modes, 6in knife
Outstanding FeaturesTribal tattoos down the right side of her body, military tattoo on her left bicep

Personality & Background

Personalitya hotheaded youth, her time in the military didn't quell her firey passion much. wanting the most out of people while expecting the least leads to a slight temper on her part
BackgroundBorn into a small nomad tribe in southern africa, she was always an unruly child, until she ran away from home. Looking for something more than this in life. She arrived in a small port town, half-naked and starving. The locals were shocked and apalled by her appearance as she began stealing food to survive from the corner markets. One fateful day, she was approached by several guards, demanding that she go with them. She took them all out, breaking her own arm to escape from the cuffs they put her in. She got away only to be captured later and tagged for military training. Her first field mission was to eliminate a problematic nomad tribe not far from base-camp. Shandra went along with it, until on the scene she discovered it was her own family. She disobeyed orders and wiped out her own unit, escaping overseas where she was tracked by the U.K. government. she was offered asylum in exchange for her services for several years. Out of the service now, she's a free-lance agent within the UK on the side, while running her own diner in the suburbs.
Likeswide-open spaces, fresh-air, skinny-dipping
Dislikesbeing judged solely on her appearance, being taken lightly and diplomacy. She's also rather impatient at times
OccupationEx-special forces, now diner-owner
Additional Infoan ex-green beret, trained in several styles of armed and unarmed combat. Her hotheadedness has cause more than a statistically possible number of missions to go bad.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Big or small jobs, for the right price, consider you