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Drawn by Popabear! (used with permission)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRunie
SpeciesFelid (Alternate evolution felinoid (looks like a Lion-Cheetah crossbreed))
Height5' 6" (168 cm)
Weight529 pounds (240 kg)
SummaryRunie is short with a very heavy, compact muscularity, large breasts standing out insanely firm, topped with thick nipples. Huge, heavy, and very well-defined muscles wrap her short body, testimony to extreme workouts and physical activity. Her short fur, much shaggier on the shoulders and on the back of her neck before making an inverted triangle to the small of her back, is the tawny brown of a lion, with a white underbelly. The heavier, darker shag of her shoulders and back sports black spots like a cheetah. Her face is actually rather pretty and even has been called cute, with her shaggy mop of dark brown hair framing a pleasant feline muzzle, over which odd, slit-pupiled ice-blue eyes peer, accented by the cheetah-like tear-marks and white central splash. In the dark, her eyes catch the light with that eerie green-gold glow common more to the smaller cats, as opposed to the blood-red glow most of the large cats have. Runie's ears are actually rather oversized, bearing the triangular, long look more common to some few domestic cats, with fluffs of white fur puffing out of them. Heavily-built, extremely muscled legs with massive, immense thighs heavily-muscled enough to force her legs slightly outwards to accomodate their bulk. Calves that look like someone shoved a pair of overinflated footballs in them they're so big swell out her lower legs, while wide hips and an ample round, tight butt make her short frame appear almost stocky, while her long tail sways behind, tufted at the back with a fluffy brown tuft more characteristic of a male lion. Her feet are slightly oversized at the end of her plantigrade (human-like) legs. Going upward, a thick, heavy six-pack of abs sits defining her narrow waist, while her upper body widens, heavy back muscles and lats forming a tight, very thick triangle. In the front, any definition she may have had at the pec area is completely obscured by massive, heavy breasts, perhaps J-cup, but round and firm. Outward and above, her shoulders under the shaggy fur are deeply corded with muscle, definition heavily blunted by the thick shag. These lead into heavy, tight arms, where the shorter fur there does nothing to cut the ridiculous definition. Big, bulging biceps, thick triceps and tight hard corded forearms lead to slightly-oversized hands. Slight motions of fingers are enough to make the muscles there ripple and bulge. During her career on the Circuit, Runie has picked up a fair collection of scars, and these make white slashes across her fur. Only two mar the front of her torso, though - one on her tummy, marking where she had an appendectomy, and another thin, almost unnoticeable one across her right breast, garnered in a knife fight. Her right shoulder, though, has multiple thick scars, the legacy of a run-in with a weapon that literally made her shoulder armor explode (along with destroying a prototype new bike), driving shrapnel deep into the shoulder and shattering the bones there. Her right triceps carries one as well from the same incident, while there are a scattering of five or six on her back, including one over her left kidney. Almost all of these are mute testimony to living on the edge in a sport that attracts both the good-natured professionals and rough and tumble near-killer types out to make a fortune, as well as numerous fights during her life in the city she has chosen to settle in. Both hands and feet sport pink pads and retractile claws, which despite preferring peace Runie keeps honed to razor sharpness, strengthened by both magics and a chemical designed to harden them. Very few people actually get to see Runie naked, but she has no quarrel with wearing a bikini. Normally, though, she's clad in her racing gear (see below), ready to race whether a street challenge or a pro circuit race.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTawny light brown of a lion, with shaggier, slightly darker neck, shoulders and upper back which bear black spots, white underbelly.
Hair ColourBrown shaggy straight shoulder-length hair with black spotting near the ends.
Eye ColourSlit-pupiled ice blue
ClothingA royal blue close-fitting suit, somewhat padded-looking, with red striping from shoulders down to wrists, and on outside of thighs to cuffs. The red has slightly raised gold markings (runes) in an unknown language running down them. On the thighs and forearms are armored-looking plates in a duller grey-blue, lit by bright-glowing neon-green panels. Fingerless gloves are worn with the back of the hand armored, and massive heavy boots, armored in thick plating hide her feet. A black collar with a small glowing pendant in green adorns her neck, visible through the open collar of her top. A single gold-colored plate with an inset black flat gem-like plate sits over her left breast, held in place by gold techno-chain-like strapping that goes over her left shoulder and down under her right breast, to join in the back. The onyx often is seen to flicker with the same neon-green light as the panels on her clothing. Two belts are at her waist, one a simple gold-buckled black belt, the other one is gold techno-chain like that holding her chestplate on and hangs off her right hip with a high-tech pouch, done in a lighter blue than the rest of her outfit. The soles of her boots are dark metallic gray, thickly treaded and heavily armored. She is sometimes seen to be carrying a high-tech helmet, and on other occasions with a headband-mounted eyes-only light green visor. The racesuit is armored to roughly Level 3A (high-powered 9mm and .44 Magnum rounds), as when racing at 1500 kph, ANYTHING hitting you may as well be a bullet. The plating areas can deflect rifle rounds up to 7.62mm NATO, though the impact may still sprain and injure. To boot, the outfit is also highly fire-resistant, while the helmet (and only the helmet) has a magically-powered air supply good for twenty minutes. The helmet and headband also support a Heads-Up Display for her bike's instrumentation, letting her keep her eyes on the racecourse (or road).
AccessoriesBoost Runes - Carried in her pouch, these elementally-aligned runes boost Runie's magical power several times over, rendering already potent elemental magics into forces to be reckoned with. Runie also uses and owns a very big high-speed sleek-looking hoverbike, fueled by a form of techno-magic, boosted by Runie's own magical power.
WeaponryRazor-sharp claws, fangs, and a large utility/survival knife in a sheath in her right boot, plus her elemental battlemagics.

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Outstanding FeaturesSpots on shoulders, part of her back and in her hair; tear-marks in black like a cheetah on the face; ice-blue eyes, oversized ears, hands and feet.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRunie is a happy, exuberant racer, with a strong sense of morals and honor, but not one so overweening as to be inflexible. She knows full well she has a bad side, and knows that others do too. Normally, she's easygoing to new folks, and intense when dealing with her passion of hoverbikes. When in a good mood, she can be quite the cuddleslut, enjoying hugs from all and sundry around her. When startled, though, or when she perceives possible danger to her friends, Runie is almost frighteningly assertive and aggressive, to the point of making rash decisions, often for the worst.
BackgroundRunie is (though it takes some cajoling or strong drinks to get her to admit it) the crown princess of her people. Bored to utter and absolute distraction with being pampered and restricted, at age fourteen she fled her home and people to seek out excitement. She found them after sneaking through the Worldgate in her lands. Living on her own for a short time, Runie learned how to survive in a city, her own magic helping her along, though not without significant problems. At age sixteen, she hooked up with Koh, a male battlemage of her people who also happened to be a racer in the amateur Intersol circuit. He introduced her to racing and taught her how to be a Battlemage, and saw her through her first races, with Runie riding Koh's older-model bikes. Surprisingly, Runie won nearly every race she entered. Koh also taught her how the bikes worked, from the basic engineering to the most complex parts of mana reactor design and repair. Tinkering and modifying, Runie took one of Koh's oldest, most sturdy bikes, one that no longer was able to hold its' own against faster, more modern contenders, and set out to modify it to her own standards. It took her until she was eighteen, but she succeeded in making a powerful yet sturdy monster of a bike, fueled by a mana reactor that for all rights should have belonged on a fighter jet, and boosted yet further by a personal mana tap (the black and gold plate on her chest). In her next five races, Runie placed first by huge margins, winning her sponsorship into the Professional division. After winning there as well, Runie, high on her winning streak, decided this was where her life truly belonged. Koh retired due to racing injuries and declining reflexes from the circuit shortly after Runie's twelfth professional race, settling down with a lifemate found on the circuit, and pursuing his original career of Battlemage (which doesn't need the sheer reflexes of the circuit). Koh's last gift to Runie was the Boost Runes she carries with her, a legacy of him also teaching her battlemagics and some few other spells. Around this same time, Runie's family made contact, revealing to her they had been watching all along and would "wait for the fires to bank" before asking her back. Runie's response to this was to throw herself into her racing even harder, setting out to win the Intersol Championship.
LikesSPEED!!!!, good friends, racing her heavily-boosted hoverbike, seeing new places, and having fun. Her tastes in music are eclectic to say the least...
DislikesAny form of intolerance without justification, whether it be religious, racial, or social. Runie also has a dislike of losing, but won't be a sore loser (it instead inspires her to try MUCH harder next time)
LocationWherever the circuit carries her, or wherever she may roam.
OccupationRacer on the professional Intersol circuit, an interdimensional hoverbike racing federation, fueled by magic and technology. Runie is also a Battlemage, and is highly familiar with magical and non-magical combat.
Additional InfoIMPORTANT: Runie is a CHARACTER, not ME! She is meant for roleplaying. Do NOT assume just because Runie acts in some way that I, the player, IRL, believe or feel the same! For many folk this is hard to grasp, so I will state it AGAIN: Runie is a CHARACTER, not ME!
Hopefully this will sink in. Thank you.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteHoleeeeeeeyyy Zark! Look at him BURN!!! YAH! *jumps up and down cheering*