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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAbygail_Mai
SpeciesAmerican Mink
Height180 macro and 5'9 normal
Summarya Slender mink with snow white fur, an well curved,tone body and wide hips.Black ears peek from the purple hair that hangs down her back, purple eyes look around from behind uniquely styled glasses perched on her nose. A small patch of black mixes into her white chestfur. A sun visor with a purple bill and the Arizona Diamondbacks logo stitched on the front. Two earings dangle on her her right ear. A tight, black t-shirt covers her upper body, also with the AZ Diamondbacks logo. Dark silver belly button percing and ball necklace around her neck accent in her fur nicely. Dark blue, wide legged, cargo jeans, hung low on her waist, showing off her purple thong straps clinging higher along her waist. Along her right leg is a tribal flame design. The black tip of her tail mixes in with her pure white fur, the rest well groomed and fluffy. Purple fingerless leather gloves with white trim cover both her paws. Her right footpaw is covered in black fur. Her left ankle is adorned with a silver chain and heart shaped locket that jingled softly with each step she took

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSnow white fur with black markings
Hair Colourpurple
Eye Colourpurple
ClothingI hate clothing...but a visor black shirt thong and pants ish what I wear =^/
AccessoriesCurves =^D
WeaponryCurves >=^D
Outstanding Featuresblack markings =^)

Personality & Background

PersonalityFun, kinky, playful,cuddlie, snugglie,wugglie
BackgroundASK ME
LikesI, like dancing..working out. Fursuiting. boys and girls nice furs candy soda...pizza! =^D
Dislikesmean furs....bad dancing......american idol =^(
OccupationAdult Entertainment
Additional InfoNone

Just for Fun

HomepageComing Soon
BlogComing Soon
Favourite QuoteYour, a smelly pirate hooker!

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