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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShai Nighteagle
Height5'9, but 6' with her boots on [180ft macro]
SummaryWatch out, for here this beautiful vixen comes. She has silky, soft orange vixen fur with snow white underbelly that begs to be caressed. All the regular vixen markings with her left ear purple and white fur around accentuating her sky blue eyes. Long, soft silver hair braided into one single strand of hair that runs down her form to almost reach her ankles as a thin purple chain wrapped around the end of the braid with a diamond horseshoe hanging from it. All of her fur is very well kept, even shinning in some lights, this vixen keeps her self beautiful at all times. On her head she wears a black Resistal Cowboy hat with a Native American hat band that is a rattlesnake band with an American eagle feather hanging from the hat from the hatband as she found the eagle feather when she was a kit. The brim of her head has holes for her beautiful ears to poke through. you notice around her neck is a beaded native American necklace, with blue white and black beads She has a perfectly curved toned body as you can see she loves working. On her top she wears a black tight shirt with Big & Rich in silver lettering across her chest and Muzik Mafia in white lettering on her back. The shirt only comes down to cover her double D breasts, this vixen very comfortable with showing off her well toned stomach with the barbell belly button percing she has on. Looking further down she has on a pair of short tight cut off worn out wrangler jeans caressing her curves of her sexy wide hips and large round rump as it reveals her long powerful legs and strong thighs and she wears a black leather belt with a gold championship buckle she won in barrel racing. She also wears a pair of leather chaps as the designs on the chaps are of a cow markings [sorta like a dairy cows fur] and a pair of tan/desert color boots with HT on the side of the boots in black leather Turning around to show off her rump you see a leather brown band around the base of her tail embroidered with is silver stars in the band On her wrists she wears coppers bracelet with Arizona written into the copper telling you where she is from.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOrange vixen fur and white unbelly black paws and foots paws and ears with her left ear purple
Hair Colourlong silver hair
Eye Coloursky blue

Personality & Background

PersonalityFun loving, open minded and loving
LikesDancing, horses, body painting, fursuiting, boys and girls.Nice furries, cuddling and snuggling. and barrel racing.
DislikesMean furs
Locationhere and there
OccupationCowgirl, Adult Entertainer.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteHonky Tonk Badonkadonk

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