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Pants? I think not...

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLesshira
WeightNow, darlings: Must a woman expose herself like this?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGolden-brown fur cascades along the curves of Lesshira's form, patches of lighter tan to grace her face, breasts, stomach, and loins.
Hair ColourRed bangs waver infont of her eyes, a mere four inches longer than the faded purple hair that hung just above her shoulders.
Eye ColourA peircing green, Lesshira's eyes have a habit of staring past the body, and even past the soul...
ClothingLesshira, as shown in her picture, is commonly clad in a simple olive tank top. What's not shown in her picture, however, is the rather tight pair of blue-jeans she adores so lovingly.
AccessoriesAround her neck is a studded leather collar with a sterling silver pentacle hanging between her collar-bones. On her left ear, Lesshira wears an Ahnk.
Outstanding FeaturesLesshira, aside from her bright hair, has no distinguishing features to set her aside from other females of her species.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLesshira is an open minded spiritual female who bides her time amidst her sexual obsession. Her laid back lifestyle and gentle, compassionate personality are clearly evident in everything she does. However, she does tend to have a nasty habit of taking vengance on those who harm herself or her loved ones.
BackgroundLesshira had an uneventful childhood and education. She, instead, created adventure and thrills in her writing, in which she excells with both skill and passion.
LikesTraditional Romance with a Modern Twist, Jazz, Public Indecency, and Sly Dominance.
DislikesAgressive Dominance, Will Ferrel, Rap, and People who use "u" in replacement of a word...
Locationpanther.furnet.org #RaisedTailsCafe
Additional InfoAs of March 6th, 2006, Lesshira was presented with a genetically engineered daughter named Asabi, the combination of herself and a male moogle by the name of Mookie. Lesshira is still confused, and uninformed, about the cause and reasoning behind the appearance of Asabi, but is not too inquisitive. After all: Lesshira's always wanted children. <3

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!"

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