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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDiodraco
Speciesfull blooded dragon
Agebetween 150 and 150 years. . . lost count
Height25 feet at the shoulder
Weightunknown, possibly between 60 and 100 tons
SummaryI am a heroic dragon, or at least that's the way I see myself. by that I mean I'm not anthropomorphic, I do not have human traits. I am not size changing. my shoulder height, is 25 feet, as I stand quadrupedally. my body length is 45 feet, over all 110 feet, my wingspand is 130 feet. most of my abilities are tied in dragon lore, such as fire breath, ice breath, immunity to heat and fire and excelland sight. in addition, I do have some magic; one is active camoflage, a relyable invisibility, though I rarely use it. and rudimentary summoning magic, that I only use for mundane purposes.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBright forest green darkes on back, pales on sides, brownish yellow stomach
Hair Colournonexistant
Eye Colourthe blue of evening sky, as it marrys eggshell to deep cirulean, a thousand rays of blue mixing together
Clothingmy adamantine scales of green
Accessoriesa gold set jewel of clouded blue embedded in my lower neck scales; magic.
Weaponrytooth claw, wing and fire. but worst is my cunning intelligence.
Outstanding Featuresa pair of horns long and sharp

Personality & Background

Personalitysnuggly, effusive friendliness. companionable, intelligent and lover of all wisdom. creative and artistic, comical giving, sharing, and loving. most strongly, stalward friendship Occupation spending my time as I see fit. I live in the moment, and see no other's permission for it. dragons are not part of society, thus we have no occupation. Background I am a resident originating in Rhyterra, a planet created by the goddess Amanthia. it's from a book I'm writing. I have a history of travel, living in one region for the span of half a century or so, before moving on; my last trip was a brief stay in japan. Location currently, in the mountains of the berkshires. a place that is always dear to my heart, and call it home always.
BackgroundI've been traveling for many years, often adopting transients, and misfits, helping them become better people. I also become attached to a non dragon lover for a time, staying with them for many years or until they pass on. searching for that rare dragoness who will love me as I am, and not for my sexual favors alone. eternity is at my claw tips, I am determined to wait for the right soul mate.
Likessushi, conversation, reading writing, poetry, art, horses, culinary arts, italian food, comedy, long walks through nature. flying on the soft air of a summer afternoon. and comfortable conversation among friends
Dislikesunessessary violence, mushrooms, eggplant, capers, invertibrates as food. stubborn independence
LocationI Hail from the planet Rhyterra, the planet created, and cherished by the Goddess, Amanthia. from a book I am writing.
OccupationA helpful, stalward friend to all who need company, love wisdom, or cheer.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams; live the life you've imagined." Henry David Thoreau

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