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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKnights Dreamvila
Speciesdomestic cat
Age*rawr* (truthfully itrs a
Height6 feet at normal,sizeshifter
SummaryA knight of dreams,he trys to protect the world of dreams fending off nightmares.He looks nothing a knight would, silver armor etc. nor does he act like one. Knights is free spirited and willed, speaking how he likes and so forth.Knights is open minded to all.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThis kitten is a jet black color but with white tiger patterns (the strips).The white is on his underbelly as well, from his chin to his thighs. This cats fur is soft to the touch and easly enjoyable.
Hair ColourHis head fur is black but with one white streak on the front.His head fur is a light and flufy but has a oily shine to it.
Eye ColourHis eyes are a neon golden.No they don over shine,but just enough to see in the dark.
ClothingHis clothing is juist...out there.He wears a purple jester cap covering most of his headfur.he wears a matching scarf,purple, which extends to look like a cape rather than a scrf.He wears a shirt with a cresent moon and star on it.His pants are just,well different.There all checkored, but the left side is green and whit while the right side is yello and white.He wears yellow shoes with green tipping.one last detail is his sleaves, i cannot discribe them.A clear picture to help will be put at the addictional information area.
AccessoriesHis only accessories is his tail ring, which is at the end and of pure gold.
WeaponryHis weapons are of a claws (of course) and only abilty to cast certain spells.one last ablity is to run!Realy? he only runs when his oppennet is as big as about 50ft or higher and he stands no chance except for back up.
Outstanding FeaturesHis cloths!

Personality & Background

PersonalityThis kitty is a playful thing when hes not very busy or too busy. He is willing to try anything out and open minded to just about anything. He loves to test his skills , like any other cat catching or even playing tag! Fun filled and energetic. When he is offended deeply he'll only give a snarl, and even his snarls can be playful. Basicly..this kitten is happy ^^
BackgroundThis kitten has worked all of his life, and now that hes "all grown up" he likes to take it easy. How? since he worked while he was young its like a retirment plan...but he still has a job.
LikesHe like to do many playful things even though he is a knight he likes to ;cuddle,be petted and scritched, pampered!,and that something with another fur *cough*. He also has likes bisides that which are; soft music,playing around, adventures, Rping and lots more!
DislikesHis dislikes aren't many but a few are rasim,too serious of people around him, and people who think video games and candyed sweets are terrible for you. (what a losser ^_~ jk)
LocationHe ventures were ever he disires, where dreams could use the help
OccupationKnight of the nights, protecting dreams where ever he can
Additional Infohttp://photobucket.com/albums/c238/Balmung4/?action=view¤t=Knights_Dreamvila.gif

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"whoa...hey look a nickel!"

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