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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTorovellos
SpeciesTiger-Leopard-Fox hybrid
Weight220 lbs.
SummaryWell, I'm a fun-loving and friendly fur who likes to meet and greet, and loves to hang out with others. I'm pretty touchy-feely (glomping, nuzzling, cuddling, skritching, etc.) so if you aren't, I'd advise you not to come near me. All others, bring your furry behinds over here! I like to think that I'm intelligent, and I love having intellectual conversations with people on most any topic. Just please, don't start on religion with me. Family issues. Otherwise, I'm just a normal guy.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGolden-yellow with black stripes and a large thatch of white fur ranging from my chin to the insides of my thighs.
Hair ColourThick, bushy, black mane that ends in a thin line of fur just above my tailbase.
Eye ColourDeep, emerald-green eyes set in naturally black-lined eyelids.
ClothingUsually I wear blue jeans or suede pants. If I feel like wearing a shirt, I wear silk and satin long-sleeve shirts. I'm digitigrade, so it's hard to find shoes that fit me. I prefer not to wear them, anyway.
AccessoriesI have several piercings: two gold loops at the tip of my right ear; one on the tip of my left ear and another at the base of my left ear; a gold ring in each nipple; and a belly-button ring.
WeaponryWhen RPing in a fantasy world, I use a Katomka Reaver (self-made blade with a gold-etched titanium brace surrounded by a sliver-thin blade of double-edged titanium) that can split along the center brace to form two lightweight blades for dual-wielding purposes.
Outstanding FeaturesA long, thick, and fluffy tail and my thick, black mane.

Personality & Background

PersonalityI'm a perky guy who likes to play around and have fun in pretty much whatever way you can think of. I'll try most anything once, but I also like some calmness every now and then. I'd pretty laid back, but I get serious when the situation calls for it.
BackgroundI was born in Abilene, TX, in 1987. When I was two, my family moved to Tokyo, Japan, because my father was stationed there. After about a year and a half, we moved back to the states, specifically Charleston, SC, where I lived for about 9 years. In May of 2000, I moved to Warner Robins, GA, so that we could be closer to family. I came to Mercer after I finished high school. My fantasy story is very long, and I'd prefer not to go into it here. If you're interested in it, you can ask me.
LikesI like playing sports and games, working on cars, watching movies, chatting with friends, reading, and, of course, yiffing cute guys.
DislikesI don't like pretentious people, I don't like when people shove things in my face (whether it be a person's behavior, something they bought, anything), and I can't stand bigoted and prejudiced people.
LocationI am currently in Macon, GA, and enrolled in Mercer University.
OccupationI'm currently a full-time student at Mercer University in Macon, GA. I don't have a job as of yet, and the amount of homework I have makes getting a job a risky business.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"That's a nasty habit, what a nasty boy." -Genus: Male, Issue 1.

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