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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHalfcast
Specieslion-fox cross
GenderHermaphrodite, (Prim

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourredish orange
Hair ColourRed
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingShirt, suit jacket and trousers
WeaponryHe defends himself with a sharp tongue

Personality & Background

Personality Attempts at all times to appear confident and impartial, but normally comes off as headstrong, arrogant and hostile. Solitary drive from fox and the social instinct to group from the lion creates personal conflict and results in a lot of anti social behaviour. Difficult to lead or instruct. Takes praise and criticism poorly. Striving for independence while not wanting to be alone, he is reluctant to accept help or advice and takes criticism as an attack and praise as an insult as if expectations of him were below his abilities. Self-hating and reproachful of himself. He finds fault in everything he does, and frequently seeks out extreme verbal abuse so that he can defend his abilities and feel slightly better about himself. Without some outlet he becomes self abusive and extremely despondent. Forms emotional attachments to those he finds attractive. His distance from others is an attempt to protect himself from a repeat of the bad, almost abusive relationships he has had. He is attracted to strong dominating males, frequently those in a leading position. His personality often creates conflicts and aggression with those he is most attracted to.
BackgroundHe was born out of a failed love affair and was raised by his mother. He never saw his father and knew nothing more about him other than that he was a lion, though he frequently blamed himself for his mother remaining alone. His childhood was lonely, he struggled through a basic education. He began taking jobs at the age of 8 to bring in enough of an income to live off as his mother dropped into a depression and became more and more withdrawn. He continued to work any job he could get, in factories, shops, cleaning homes, or light garden work. Beginning at the age of 13 he began prostituting himself. Accepting physical and emotional abuse from multiple partners for money. This resulted in him losing all other forms of employment though he continued to make enough money to support his mother. He developed several bad relationships with some of his clients and this continued into his late teens until his mother?s health began to fail. As she became bed ridden he spent much more of his time at home going hungry and unwashed to be sure he could care for his sole parent?s needs. When she finally died shortly before he reached the age of 18 he left, not taking anything with him but what he was wearing. He never saw his mother buried and never told anyone of where he was going and has not settled in one location for very long since.
DislikesBeing alone, himself and being in one place to long
LocationFrequently changes.
OccupationWhatever he can get. Odd jobs or temporary positions anywhere.
Additional InfoHe never takes up lasting occupation. It would never be offered to him anyway, due to him being difficult to get along with at best and refuses instruction in most instances. He remains up and mobile never taking up permanent home.