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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGarron Arrobasti (Work in Progress)
SpeciesKrelm(anthro spotted hyena)
Gender(extremely) male
AgeBorn August 5th 2250 - Died July 18th, 2305
HeightHis physical body is 18 feet tall. His spectral form, however, can alter its size.
Weight7,000 pounds.
SummaryWithin the deepest bowels of the Berkeley campus, well beyond the prying eyes of the public, the titan lies in bed. Thin white sheets cover his lower body, doing little to conceal it. His narrow waist is perfectly toned, sporting a roch-hard, chisled six pack. Further up is his wide chest on which are perched a pair of pectorals which are rediculously oversized even for him. The macro's entire pelt strains and distorts, filled to the brim with disproportionate, bulging masses of muscle that rest just below it, rippling violently with the slightest movement. Twin hills of muscle engulf the hyena's slightly elongated neck, atop which rests his seemingly small head. The detached giant has upon his face an expression of only semi-consciousness, as he is in in a trance. His mind drifts in the throws of a transcendence brought upon him by ancient ritual. From Darwin's head sprout gnarled, snakelike cables and wires which cascade down his shoulders and off the bed, travelling across the floor to wall sockets which lead into an observation chamber, where data is processed and safely analyzed by scientists. Around the great beast are emergency teams of paramedics and mystics, waiting in tense anticipation, should something go awry. Also on the sidelines are those scientists who have the courage to study Garron and the phenomena taking place around him up close.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourfur is almost golden with spots, muzzle, "gloves," and "socks" of darkened walnut brown.
Hair Colourbleached blond, usually somewhat messy
Eye Colourdarkened walnut brown
ClothingVaries from a custom made black cowl/labcoat to total nudity, depending on his mood
AccessoriesA non-digital visual recording device which is connected by long cables to his visual cortex, allowing him to document what he sees as he sees it. He also wears a small golden medallion which is shaped like a dragon's claw.
WeaponryAside from the brute strength that is typical of those of his stature, he also possesses the inborn ability to disrupt and manipulate electrical currents. Along with this, Garron has developed the ability to temporarily detach from his body.
Outstanding FeaturesAside from what can be expected of a hyperfur, his dreams have a tendency to externalize themselves...a phenomenon that is not always pleasant to witness. His experiments have had the curious side-effect of making other plains of existence constantly visible to him.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMany who meet him may be surprised to find that his godlike physique hides the quiet mind of a gentle giant. He has a penchant for extreme politeness, calling everyone he deals with "sir" or "ma'am."
BackgroundGarron was born into a world where nature as we know it is gradually being turned on its head, its ear, and then some. He is one of a multitude of species produced by rogue geneticists to serve clients in a variety of ways. In the case of his kind, those purposes were to provide sexual pleasure and milk for their masters.
Likesreligion, theology, mysticism, the occult, science, conspiracy theories, working out, and mega-busty macro fems
Dislikesfundamentalists, bigots, hypocrites, idiots, party voters, tin-foil-hat jerks, the watered down, athiesm-tainted crap so commonly heralded as modern "science," unconditional government support, greed, people who don't care for the environment
LocationEarth of the distant future.
OccupationAside from being a rather below-average student, Garron is the head of Project Ripley, a scientific endeavor aimed at using cybernetics to study altered states of consciousness.
Additional InfoPhysical Weaknesses: Being a mage, Garron's extensive occult treaining has forced him to neglect developing physical combat skills, and it should also be noted that the immense strength of his physical body is not retained by his astral self(which is much weaker, due to inexperience) when he projects, regardless of how imposing his stature might be. Magickal shortcomings: Garron refrains from using many types of spells and incantations because his speech problems can interfere with the casting process, resulting in undesired effects. Also, achieving the trance state required for out-of-body consciousness is a long and difficult process, thus making its use in combat inconvenient at best. Psychological difficulties: Long ago, Garron arrived at the conclusion that self-esteem was nothing more than useless anti-rationalism, and henceforth banished it from his psyche. So much time has passed since then that the very concept has become alien to him. This could seriously hamper his ability to defend himself in combat - especially while projecting - since he lacks certainty in his ability to fight effectively. Another side effect of this is that he doesn't believe in fighting for face, meaning that if the well-being of either himself or someone else is not in jeopardy, he will likely not fight back. Project Ripley: A fictional secret endeavor conducted with the goal of studying alleged occult and parapsychological phenomena through the application of cybernetics. Although Garron is the head of the project, he is not its creator. Project Ripley is the continuation of a much earlier (and also fictional) endeavor of a similar nature, which went under the same name and began as an offshoot of experiments conducted by scientists at Berkeley University ( http://people.deas.harvard.edu/~gstanley/publications/stanley_dan_1999.pdf ). The original Project Ripley went on for several years before internal disputes and the murders of several participants resulted in its demise. Little is known of the experiments in the original Project Ripley, aside from an official report published by the FBI and CSICOP following an investigation into murders connected to the project. The report stated that, although it was formed with ther intent of studying the occult, there was no evidence of successful experiments or cult activity. This report is disputed, however, and documents circulate which give a very different account of events...

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"The reason why I lack faith is because the soul is far too prescious to be gambled on a quest for 'my truth.' Only THE truth will do."

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