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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCleopatra's Tigress
SpeciesAngel Winged Uniger
Agenone of your biz
Height5' 6
SummaryTigress is very lovable and friendly tho just one lil spark will turn her into wild fire...she is usually seen with some type of dagger weapon or bladed knife....[almost always her 3 bladed scythe]..she's a dark being with a heart of gold...also seem with blood on atleast one part of 'er clotheing and bandages on palms, wrist, forearms....

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourall fur is black & gold, stripes are very distinct
Hair Colourblack with golden markings...marking [black] near the nose as there are 2 markings under the eyes [gold] and an unside down cresent moon [gold] and also a marking under her unicorn's horn [gold]
Eye ColourAn aqua blue but they can change to any color [always blue, pink, clear white, or black....depending on situation]
Clothingbikini type top [can be red or neon green & does show cleavage]...baggy jeans that hang to a side and show her thong
Accessoriesa necklace with 2 dragons twisted into a heart & an emranld in the middle
Weaponryusually daggers...[anytype of knives or swords of some evil deviuos sort]
Outstanding Featuresher tail can curl up like a squirrels and her markings are very destinct

Personality & Background

Personalityloveing, careing, secretive, mysterious, a riddle all in itself, ying and yang [if you ask i might tell].
Backgroundnone of anyone's biz
Likesmusic, art, animals, friends, anime/manga, computer, family [some not all], furtopians, furcadians, and deviants [will add more later]
Dislikescomputer break downs, backstabbers, liars, art thieves, rap music, when get blamed foe something never done or seen, father, when a male yells at her, and always being in the middle of something.
LocationNew Jersey
Additional Infocomp adict....gum adict....furcadia adict.....i dont know no more so ask if needed...x3....and no i dont update my journal alot.......XD

Just for Fun

Favourite Quoteand i care......why?...

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