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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCaramel
Weightblah? Something small. o.o
SummaryAt first glance most would probably think 'nerd'. Though this lil' 'yena didn't care, she more then likely took it as a compliment. Her fur seemed increadibly bright for that of the normal brown and black fur of Traditional Hyenas. It was near white where it should've been brown, near grey were it should've been black. Perhaps a science experiment went wrong? Or perhaps the color was scared out of her? Maybe she didn't go outside much, who knows? Well she does of course. Her glasses are fairly large, larger then most and circular in shape. The lense showing the world better for her through her near-sighted Silver eyes. Course the added amounts of light getting in have made her pupil's a little smaller. Her eyes seem a little larger then most to add to that. Her hair was red in color, oddly darker then one would expect because of her fur. She more often then not kept it back in a pony-tail, just so most of it would be out of her way. Her hair came down to about her aist, so that makes a really long pony tail. As for what she wears it's quite typical. Her blue shirt barely seems to fit her, no it's not too tight. She's a bit small so her shirt is a big big on her. Rarely it will slide off her shoulder just slightly, not exposing anything of course. Just because she felt like it though, the shirt cuts off just below her bely button, not exposing that at all, just a small portion of her furry belly. Her blue 'painter' pants don't seem to sag much, though they are a little baggy on the legs. She doesn't know why, she just likes pants that have leg room. She doesn't wear shoes, for she appears to have..fairly large footpaws, her toes come up into a large arch at the joint, but they still always touch the ground. Her feetpaws weren't long..they just looked..'tall.' Her tail wasn't very long, compare to others like foxes, or wolves. But it was long enough for her. Around her neck dangle a small silver pendant, there's nothing inside it, she just likes having it around. Sometimes for kicks, she'll wear one of those Lab coats that hangs a bit pass her knees. Also just before her ears she has a pair of small dark goggles, used to protect her eyes from harmful amounts of hear and light.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHue'd white, though mostly Hyena in color, it seemed a lot brighter then it should be, again nearly white. Save for the grey markings. (Normally Black on 'yenas.)
Hair ColourRed mostly, long and almost always has the back pulled into a pony-tail. Her bangs reach to about her chin.
Eye ColourBig an' Silver.
ClothingSlightly oversized blue t-shirt and somewhat Baggy blue 'painter' pants. Occassionally a white labcoat.
AccessoriesSimple Silver Pendant. Black goggles rested on her head.
WeaponryHer potion and electronic Devices. Her tools.
Outstanding FeaturesHer large round frame'd glasses. Her under-average bust size. What? In a place where 'avergage' is "D-cup" having something smaller is fairly Distingguishing.

Personality & Background

PersonalityPassive for the most part. she's kind and is always happy to be around others. She can be protective though..despite her size. She does pack a bit of power in her weaponry.
BackgroundBorn into a Family of four, Caramel wasn't exactly the biggest success as her parents expected from the other children. She was of course the youngest and probably the most innocent at the time. Her life was mostly uneventful, school, friends, bullies the works. She wasn't exactly the most liked at school, mostly because of her lack of height and mass amounts of..flesh and fur other girls had. She just ignored those who made fun of her, as well as sneaking fur dye potion into their drinks, altering the color of their fur for a couple days. Of course..she was great at making potions as well as other devices. Her first successful potion was the fur change though, she tested it on the most popular girl in the school..boy did she look funny with turquise fur. In Highschool she went into a little depression, she hadn't gotten much taller and she still looked like she was budding in terms of breasts. She never had a date for the dances, but that's alright..she never went to them anyway. She didn't hate the popular kids, maybe just was jealous if anything. She kept up with her pranks though, she had gotten quite good at making potions that made others appear rediculous. She once made on of the 'jocks' in her school grow purple spots on his fur..he was of course laughted at until they went away. Finally someone found out she was doing this, and found one of the potions. In attempt to get her back they added a drop of Bleach into the potion. Now this didn't prove fatal, but all of her fur, besides that of her hair, had become faded and brighter, to a pale white color. This didn't make things much easier. She didn't leave her house after this except for school. So in all her free time she read, and just built more things of her own, just because she had nothing better to do.
LikesTechnolgy, Tails (big and fluffy tails.) Meeting others and hanging out. She also loves inventing and creating new things to benefit herself and others. For music she prefers Techno if anything, or something loud and distracting.
DislikesClose minded people, being stompped (it's happened, she's lived though.) Eaten (never happened, wants to keep it that way.) She hates having her work insulted, even if it's been made before she's happy she's created it.
LocationWhere ever.
OccupationNone? o.o

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