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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCamis Mersane
SpeciesLycanian (Half-Wolf)
Age14 (or appears 14 in comparison with his species)
Height4' 9
Weight'bout 100 lbs.
SummaryCamis Mersane, a half-wolf Lycanian who travels the universe with his friends in the Space Station Midspace Guild titled "Planetary Defenders" (by accident), and fights the evil (or at least seemingly evil) Shadoh Empire, and other forces which plot to disrupt the universe into chaos.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrown...yeah. Just plain brown. All over.
Hair ColourAlso brown. Normal length, too...kinda anime-ish poofy, if anything.
Eye ColourGreen
ClothingHe usually wears a white T-Shirt with a Black trinagle-like marking (at the two endpoints, there are two dots that don't touch the triangle, and a third dot further out as if to make a perfect square if you drew between the dots). He also wears black sweat-pants, for flexibility while fighting, and sandels (hey, they're comfortable.)
AccessoriesHe carries around a small glass ball, called the Lunar Orb (it has within it the same marking on his t-shirt. It stores reflected Lunar Energy and feeds it into Camis in the form of aura, or inner energy [which can manipulate his surroundings.]) Camis also carries around a backpack, which is mostly used to store cans of "Kaffo" (super-caffiated beverage, and official drink of PD-UE) and his laptop (which he uses to do minor hacking.) His pack has also recently been storing miniature, always changing dimensional gateways, making its contents infinate and random
WeaponryCamis carries around a large broadsword (well...broad to him.) This does more than it would seem, however, as Camis can use the flat end of the blade to move the air (he can also channel aura though it to do some awesome wind-based skills.)
Outstanding FeaturesHe's short, very short (but it's more like a childish short.) He looks skinny and frail, but there's lean muscle there.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCamis is usually docile and shy, but since meeting with his friends, he's become more confident around others. He tends to get stressed out quickly under tough or threatening situations, but sometimes those types of moments act as a catalyst to reveal another...darker side...deeper within him...
BackgroundCamis lived a normal life, up until he was (biologically) 8, when his parents mysteriously vanished. He raised himself from then on, refusing any aid from other Lycanians. When he was 14, he was kidnapped by a man named Goud, who wanted to take him to the Shadoh Empire. Mid-journey, Goud's ship was intercepted by two other extraterrestrials, an Aquari named Aaron and a Sunian named Tiejaz, who were just looking for extra stocks of food and Kaffo. Accidentally finding Camis, they release him, but also blackmail him to get him to join their forming Midspace guild (which they needed 3 members for.) Since then, Camis has been traveing with the guild, going on bizarre, and sometimes serious adventures, making various allies along the way. (Plot after that point and up to it can be viewed on my site, in the story "Planetary Defenders-Universe Eternal.")
LikesKaffo, friends, CRAZY adventures, video games, and weird technology.
DislikesChaos, betrayal, being bored, watching friends get hurt, and overconfidence.
LocationMiddle of the universe, on Space Station Midspace. He's also sometimes flying around on the ship "Golden Potato," but since it's not his, he tends to hitchhike a lot through space as well.
OccupationCurrently a guildsman for the Space Station Midspace's guild program. He fights off the efforts of Shadoh Empire for cash rewards, and sometimes other things.
Additional InfoSeveral enemies are also seemingly after 10 ancient artifacts (Camis' Lunar Orb being one of them), and there are also those who think the artifacts would be safer in their hands.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Well, at least things can't possibly get...wait...no, I refuse to finish that lie..."

Stay in Contact

AIMCamis Mersane