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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBegnus Puffer
Weight174 lbs.
SummaryAn underdog wolf anthromorph that has always been a rebel against society and against the world around him. Since early age, he has been doing what some people have considered to be what constitutes the scum of the world; until lately. Having reflected upon the way he was and changing accordingly, Puffer left the rest of the vice he had been in before behind... but he still has a lot to change before he truly understands why he is so different from everyone else, and the outcomes of his search may lead him into an adventure he never thought possible.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrown and white from lower nose and cheeks to between the legs and just below the tail, running across the belly (black paws).
Hair ColourBlack and spiky upwards, with bangs that reach down to the sides of his muzzle from just above his 'forehead'.
Eye ColourYellow.
ClothingBlack leather jacket, white t-shirt, camo pants (the original military standard issue uniform piece), black leather boots with metal frames on their heels and fronts.
AccessoriesSunglasses, a red spanish hankerchief he puts over his muzzle from time to time and a necklace with a silver cross on it.
WeaponryClaws, fangs, and if that don't work, two 9mm guns. Glocks. Grenades, smoke bombs and flashbang grenades. His boots' metal rims and a combat knife hidden away on his right boot. Also has a mysterious power that he can't seem to get a good grip on besides being able to grow or shrink in size with. Lately, he has trained in the use of the shotgun, as well.
Outstanding FeaturesA cross-shaped scar on his right chest, slightly tilted to the left.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySomewhat silent, but when asked or whenever he wants to interact, he does it freely. Social, but not outgoing. Wise. He doesn't mind flirting at all, and sometimes even starts it. He suffers from Paranoia, a mental disorder that disables him to trust people freely because he is constantly thinking they're going to do something to him, so he doesn't have many friends.
BackgroundIn all his life, Begginus Puffer never agreed to what the world around him wanted him to do. He rebelled against it, loving no one, caring for no one but himself. Slowly he began admitting his faults and cleared them out through thorough thinking... however, by then it was too late. He was already involved in a world where no one loved him. A loner by heart, he decided to leave it as it was, guns in hand and a bleak future ahead of him. Lately, he has attained a mysterious power he does not speak of much... After coming to Groundzero, Puffer was forced to find the people that had tried to kill him, and found himself with none other than his old gang boss Dominiso Rex. Apparently, back when he was sixteen, he had destroyed the gang he was in as Begginus Child, one of his alter personalities and, after destroying them, turned to Begginus Delirium, his third, recessive alter personality. This other personality, upon Dom's request, explained who he was and what had happened with Begginus Puffer. Begginus Puffer had a lot of child trauma with his father, who constantly beat him and mistreated him because of his weird powers. This caused two alter personalities to appear: Begginus Child and Begginus Delirium. Begginus Delirium would accept his father's beatings without harming Puffer's psyche, while Begginus Child took out his frustration and rage onto others, such as his childhood friends and kids in his school. Puffer, in exchange, developed paranoia from the extreme emotional situation he was in, uncapable of understanding why his friends had now turned against him, why people called him a little monster, and why his family didn't care for him. In the end, Puffer ran away from his family and friends, and never trusted anyone. Having heard this from his own ex-boss has made Puffer reflect about himself, about his life. Puffer killed Dominiso Rex, leaving the Unfortunates Syndicate leaderless and walked away...
LikesGetting to know people closely, riding his bike, doing 'errands', yiffing (with females) and sparring.
DislikesIC: Arrogant, hypocritical people, dishonesty and completely unchecked assumptions. OOC: Same. Plus impossible physical stunts, happenings and/or events that people do all Matrix-like by bending the Laws of Physics without the use of additional powers.
OccupationGunner. Loner.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteAfter so many years of being alone... maybe I finally understand what's going on.

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