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I'm already dead...

Vital Statistics!

Character NameZ1-85
SpeciesCyberanthro ?Wolf?
Age42,845 years old
Weight489 lbs. in titanium
SummaryHis real name was Zeik, He was a wolf once... He was born during ancient times, before technology was ever made. He used to be a very happy boy, with a family, friends, and a pet. His life permanentaly changed at age four, His whole village burnt down during a war... fourteen years later he woke up terrified in this cybernetic shell. He wanders to find his family, but to find them long gone... He found that his parents and his people where murdered. He went after the ones responsible for thier death, and exacted his revenge. Over time his will to live was dying away with time, as years turned into decades, and decades turned into a century, and then the centuries turned into a millenium, technology grew, starships were developed, people haven't changed, but times were becomming more difficult. He lost track of how old he was, his memories of his lost family were beginning to fade away with time. He has seen many wars that grew accross the planet. So many years went by, he practically forgot his name! He then was in search of the ones who made his body. But he found one alive, Z1 attempted to kill him, but he hesitated, years back, he had already gotten his revenge, by killing the ones who mutilated him a long, long time ago... His will to live was completely gone... He was in search of someone who could kill him, for the reason couldn't kill himself is because of his body's "Self preservation protocol" he had discovered when he first awoke. He can't survive with his chest cavity open for too long, for his lings can be vulnerability, and bad, bad breathing (They need to be under a little pressure now)He called many hunters to kill him, but his mind was somehow capable of pinpointing weak spots, tactical manuevers, and countering almost any kinds of attacks and defenses. This program he considered a curse... He wanted to get rid of it, for the sake of his mortal sanity, he never had, and never will have an intent on killing his enemies, but like all droids: they have to protect thier own existence. His body wouldn't let them kill him, after the killings they started putting prices on his head, then his hopes of reuniting with his family were stronger. But his mind and body countered all the bounty hunters. After a few years, the attempts on his life stopped, and he was considered invincible and the most terrifingly feared machine in the universe, and then he felt greatly miserable, and felt terribly sorry for those he killed. His mind was also programmed to keep the body in good shape, and tip top condition. He lives up to now, feeling lonely and dearly, dearly, sad, but he tends to ease the unbearable pain... His mind was supposed to grow out of childhood, but his desires remain, so many years have gone by his limited mind could carry so much... His memory of his parents faces faded away in the first one thousand years, he forgot when his birthday was, his name, his age, and even own his old life. Now he lives out in the temples in the rainforest, one day hopes to rejoin his long lost family. He fights with a staff with electrified tips at each end, a BlasTech TS-18 heavy blaster pistol, and a cortosis VibroSword. He recieved his garments when he finished his training back when he was eighteen. Apparently... He makes this funny wheezing sound when he gets a little anxious. Now his organs and blood vessles, are integrated into his skeletal body... Which means, if he his cut, he will bleed. And He can feel pain...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourused to be grey, now its a bone white steel, with teal markings
Hair Colourused to be fire red, now b..bald...
Eye Colourused to be ocean blue, now a blue optic sensor
ClothingWarriors garment
Accessoriesmulti jointed servos (Super flexable), His Verpine class targeting system (Capable of predicting immediate dangers)
WeaponryElectro Staff, BlasTech TS-18 blaster pistol, Vibrosword
Outstanding FeaturesRebreather

Personality & Background

Personality(Was) Pure hearted, Happy. (now) Wise, Heart broken, still is pure hearted
LikesLife, Peace, Living in tranquility
DislikesKilling, War,, violence, and death...
LocationThe ruins, in the rain forest
OccupationDerelict, and guardian
Additional InfoHis youth goes all the way back to medieval times. Under his chest cavity lies a preservation container for hs heart and lungs (Or whats left of them...) His faceplate covers what remains of his old skull... There are clumps of fur, and flesh all over the shkull, with electronic patches hooking him to the suit.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"You will die like every other human... I wish I could..."