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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAkyva
SpeciesGrey Wolfess
Height5'9 (180 macro)
SummaryBefore you stands a lovely gray wolfess with a bright white underbelly starting from her thoat down to her inner thighs, deep bright fur covering her entire form, a pair of black ears poked up from her hair, left ear has two silver hoops. Long black hair hangs down her back, blond highlights mixed in as angel blue eyes peak from behind uniquely styled reading glasses. Her tongue had another silver piercing, a barbell stud. her tail, long and sensuous, swayed behind her, was the usual gray, save for a black tip. The fur over her right footpaw was a deep black.On top of her head rest a black baseball cap, perched between her ears. Along her neck dangled against her neck with a silver cross against her chest. a black long sleave shirt covers her upper body, mid drift exposed. Across the front read, 'Sexy Tails Gentlemen's Club.' a dark silver thumb ring encircled her right thumb. Belly button stud perciing her bellybutton, glinting in the light with a diamond. A leather spike studded wrist band wrapped around her right wrist, colored with zebra markings.White thong straps cling to her wide hips as tan cargo pants hang with them, hanging low and showing off the underware. Another piece of zebra stripped leather holding them up against her. Black DC skater shoes cover her feet, the bottom tan to match her loose pants.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey fur with black ears and black tip on the tail white underbelly and black ear.
Hair Colourblack hair with blonde highlights
Eye Colourblue
ClothingTake a looksey at the paragraph
Outstanding FeaturesTake a guess

Personality & Background

Personalitykind and fun
LikesBoys,Girls,cuddles,fursuiting and making frinds.
DislikesMean people, bad music and movies

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteThe force will be with you, always.

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