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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBut Ugly
Gendermale (my player is u
Age18 now yay
Height5 foot 5
Summaryumm i guess i could some my self up in a few words :loveing, sad, hurt, frendly, quit, sencer, and lastly loser

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourred
Hair Colourred
Eye Colouryellow
Clothingall dark navi cloths
Accessoriesduel monsters card box
Outstanding Featuresummm nothing realy makes me distinguishig in any way but i guess im good at poetry

Personality & Background

Personalitywell im vary soncer and i dont have much confadans and i cant spell vary well. i want to have friends but in the end i always end up pushing evryone i love away from me
Backgroundive been made fun of and picked on. most people use me as a step larter to get were they want to be
Likesi like duel monsters or anyother card games. i like anime and umm oh ya and girls
Dislikesumm i dont like it when people curse for no reson and i hate it when people think there all high and mighty
Additional Infonever beeen kissed, seen a girl all natrual or anything like that

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotebe kind to those who are unkind to you because they probaly need it more than you do