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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMidnight
SpeciesVampire Bat / Shapeshifter
AgeNo one really knows
SummaryThe black bat gives a soft grin, flashing a pair of long fangs in her maw. The bat girl stands about five and a half feet in height, her body covered in pure black fur making you wonder if you could even see her if she were to slip into shadows. She streches her arms out as she yawns, showing off her large bat wings and toned muscles. Mmming she blinks her large black eyes and flicks her tail, taking slow steps forward as she puts down her arms.

She doesn't notice at first as your eyes trail down to her chest, where her fairly large breasts are held back behind a tight leather top. As you gaze harder, you do see outlines of what you make out to be rings pressed against the fabric of her top. As you shakes your vision off her chest, your eyes trail down to the rim of her pants, barely hanging off of her hips the baggy cargo's held up only by a belt.

She grins even more as she notices your glances, walking over and puts a sharp claw under your chin, brining it slowly up to gaze at her. Remaining silent, you do hear a soft jingling, attracting your eyes upwards to her large bat ears. A short chain dangles off her left ear, while her right one is pierced with many small jems. Giving only a wink, she slips back away to gaze over you and flicks her tongue over her noticeable fangs.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCompletely black fur, one would wonder if she'd disappear in a shadow.
Hair ColourLong black head fur with small streaks of purple and red, pulled back into a pony tail.
Eye ColourPure black with no noticable irises
ClothingSee picture... (Hard time describing clothing! arg..)
AccessoriesHer right ear is peirced with many small earings along the outer rim, while her left is peirced with a stud, one at the middle and one at the base, with a chain connecting the two.
WeaponryIs dead sexy a weapon?
Outstanding FeaturesEnlarged fangs

Personality & Background

PersonalityMidnight is well.. an "EVIL EVIL Temptress" as most would call her. But she's not so evil.. just loves to tease anyone, it's a game to her. She's really nice once you get to know her, and loves to do fun things.
LikesGetting rubbed along her ears, belly rubs.. rubbing of most kinds really. Loves just about any kind of music (Except rap! DIE!!!), and loves to spend time with others.
DislikesPeople treating her like she's nothing.. but that's about it
Additional InfoMidnight can change her form to whatever she wishes.. to be a giantess, to be a micro, to be another creature.. but this is her true body and reverts back to it after awhile.