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Wolfette in one of her favorate costumes

Vital Statistics!

Character NameWolfette
SpeciesGrey Wolf
Weight180 pounds

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWolfette has cool gray fur with a hint of blue. In most lighting, it really appears that her fur is a faint overcast sky blue. In addition, she has patches of very light gray, or white fur over her front, inner thighes, paws, arms, and shins. She also carries white/gray fur on the underside of her tail. As for her body, she has that hourglass model shape, perfect for showing off her round curves of her bust and rump. While she has a model like body, she is also a little more muscular than the average female, her thighs, arms, and belly are well toned from constant exercising. Though her efforts are sort of wasted as her fur covers most of the outlines that her muscles have.
Hair ColourLike her body, she has the same blue fur over her face, and top of her muzzle. Her cheeks and sides of her muzzle are white, as well as the underside of her muzzle and down the front of her neck. Wolfette also has waist long hair, in a dazzling array of color. Her hair is primarily silver, with an ocean of greens and blues beneath the surface.
Eye ColourWolfette's eyes are a deep but vibrant blue that are almost on the edge of purple.
ClothingWolfette prefers to wear a purple bikini most of the time, as to not hide her fur from the warm sun. If she is feeling peticularly evil or mischievious, she'll don on her I-No outfit to which she loves to no end.
AccessoriesWolfette isn't much for jewelery, but on rare occations she wears a black leather collar and gold bracelets and anklets for amusement.
WeaponryWolfette doesn't carry any sort of weaponry besides her killer good looks and stunning poses.

Personality & Background

PersonalityWolfette is a very happy fur, with a caring and nurturing personality. She loves to be the life of the party and try to make everyone around her happy as well. Sometimes, she strays too far and becomes mischievious and pulls pranks, but it is all in good fun, according to Wolfette. For that is what she loves.
LikesWolfette likes to hang out and play sports, party with friends, and generally help others. Other activities include swimming, sun bathing and causing mischief.
DislikesThere isn't much Wolfette doesn't like. However, a few that she notes are: Being tickled. She enjoys it, but thinks it is cruel since she is ticklish. She is also afraid of bugs.
LocationCurrently located in the Big Furs universe.
OccupationWorks a desk job in the Ground Zero Corsortium Agency.