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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTal'Riss
Height89 Feet
WeightDo you wish to die?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack, simply a continuation of the rest of her fur.
Eye ColourViolet
ClothingWhat she wears is rather simple and allows for plenty of movement, most of her clothes are arrabian in origin. For starters, she wears a rather intricately designed purple thiefs mask over her muzzle, it hanging from one of four gold hoop earings on each ear. Her chest is plainly covered by a rather tight and thin brassiere, the same colour as her mask, the bust above the half-way mark still plainly visible (It covers the essentials and that's that.) She also wears a set of protective sleeves over her shoulder, green in colour, hard padding over her shoulders and just above her elbows. Her wrists are also protected by a light set of purple bracers, simple in design. At the waist, she wears a purple sash, tied plainly in front of her, a set of kunai held to her side by it, both appearing to be made from the same block of folded steel, one a simple triangular shape, the other a split triangle, each able to fit into one another if layed down. Her legs are covered by a rather billowy set of green pants, concealing everything down to her ankles at which they are tied down by a set of bands that extend down to her pink-soled feet.
AccessoriesSeveral gold hoop earings
WeaponryA small set of paired kunai, one a standard traingular shape, the other a split triangle.
Outstanding FeaturesRather powerfully built muscles, not massive ones, dense, fluid like muscles. A rather formidable bustline to go along with her figure. A small circular cut in the upper portion of her right ear. A while crescent moon fur tattoo on the left of her stomach.

Personality & Background

PersonalityQuiet and to the point. If someone pisses her off, there's a good chance they'll soon be scared senseless.
BackgroundNot much can be said about her at this time. A good assasin doesn't allow their past to find them.
LikesClear quiet nights, shadows, and a good pint to enjoy.
DislikesNoise, people who ask too many questions, and those who assume her attire is there to be removed for a night of fun.
OccupationThe rather cliche'd role of an assasin.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteAre you looking to die?