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February 18, 2019, 05:00:19 AM
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A pic of me as drawn by Eugene Arenhaus! see more of his stuff at http://www.chiseledrocks.com

Vital Statistics!

Character NameXaomeow
SpeciesLynxus Rufus aka Bobcat
Genderbiological sex: male
Age-50 (born in 2056, had accident with time machine)
Heightaround six foot
Weightoooo, won't say... but I am fairly lean

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourUsual spottiness that bobcats/leopards have with the black tufted ears, stubby black-tipped tail, and cheek ruffs :) the fur tends to be tawny with the black spots
Hair Colourtawny
Eye Colourthe irises are yellow-gold in colour
ClothingThe above-mentioned cutoffs :)
AccessoriesThe above-mentioned hoop earring in my right ear and the ankh necklace.
WeaponryUmm... just got what nature gave me to defend myself with. They seem to do well enough for me. :)
Outstanding Featuresas mentioned in the description above vital stats, I'm wearing the following: an ankh around my neck, a hoop earring in my right ear that contains six smaller hoops that, together, make up the gay pride rainbow, and a pair of shorts cut "Daisy Duke"-style.

Personality & Background

Personalitywell..for now, I tend to be rather shy. Since my 'character', Xao, is basically me (he's a personal furry), you'll probably get a good sense of what I'm like by interacting with him. It being online, I'm likely to be more open than in person.. until I've gotten to know you well enough, anyways. Anyways, what I perceive is myself ideal would be someone very expressive, very curious, probably flamboyant/flamey to some degree or another depending on my mood, playful... there is probably more but that's what comes to mind right now offpaw.
BackgroundI'll have to come back to this one once I understand the events that led to me being here in the first place. I anticipate this happening pretty soon.
Likes[taken from my livejournal user info page] adhd, affection, air, alternative education, amd, amiga, animals, anime, anthro, anthro art, anthropomorphic animals, anthropomorphics, art, artwork, balto, biking, bobcats, bottoms, boys, bunnies, canada, canines, cats, character design, chatting, cheese, cinema, comics, computer programming, cooking, cougars, coyotes, cuddling, cyclothymia, desert, digimon, digital camera, disney, dolphins, dragons, druid, earth, ebay, electronics, enya, fantasy, felines, fire, forests, foxes, foxies, friendship, fucking, fur, fur suit, furcadia, furnet, furries, furry, furry art, furry porn, furry yaoi, fursuit, gay, gay furries, gay men, gay pride, gay rights, girlie boys, glitter, guys, halloween, hugging, hugs, ideas, informal education, insane, irc, kangaroos, kissing, leopards, lynx, magick, males, men, metallica, mucks, music, non-formal education, nuzzling, oakenfold, online comics, open minded, otters, pink floyd, plushies, politics, purple, queer as folk, rainy days, ray lynch, reading, road trips, roleplaying, romantic, science fiction, self-culture, self-education, sex, sexy guys, sgi, snuggling, sonic, speedo, star fox, tails, talking, the internet, therianthropy, totemism, travelling, twinkbois, twinks, vines, vore, walking, water, white wolf, wicca, wizardry, wizards, wolves, writing, yaoi, yerf, yiff, yiffing, yiffy art, zoophile, zoophilia.
Dislikesright now, the list is rather short.. having just recently overcome what seems to be the last of what held me back from being able to do the things I've been wanting to do. I guess the only thing I can think of right now is that people who are negative and complain w/o doing anything to fix their problem or else find some other way of looking at it I tend to have little patience with. I think I subscribe to the notion that life is meant to be enjoyed and that fun is everywhere one cares to look. At least that is how I prefer to look at things. I prefer to embrace my playful feline nature as much as I can at any particular time.
Locationin a small town near Phoenix, AZ
OccupationAt present, I'm recovering from a pretty severe depression I had for three years, so am on social security disability. But I'm starting to have enough confidence in myself to look into alternate ways of getting income so I imagine I'll be able to put something in here that's more appropriate at some point in the near future.

Just for Fun

Homepagenone yet
Favourite Quote"Not dead which eternal lie; stranger aeons death may die" "That which does not kill me only makes me stronger" "[This space intentionally left blank]"