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Vital Statistics!

Character NameEliona
SpeciesAlien A.I.
GenderFeminine programing
AgeTrillions upon billons of years older than time.
Height5, 3
Weightlighter than air

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThe starship itself has this large blue paint work. Her A,I image color depends on her mood, Blue is her normal color, she is always calm though, which is a light blue
Hair ColourLong blue
Eye ColourViolet
ClothingAs an A.I. she wears an alien dress with strange symbolic markings
Accessoriesgunships/ 20 Razor fighters/ 48 Bulldog bombers/ 38 A.I. Jewel on her forehead
WeaponryTwo 40 Km turbolaser turrets mounted on each side of the command module, heavy turrets mounted at the upper and lower fin of command module. 10 turrets strung along side hull. 40 heavy torpedoes
Outstanding FeaturesAs an A.I. image, she seems to be a beautiful vixen, with a young and friendly face, although she is an A.I. she smells like roses.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe is a nice, bubbly person, she is a loveable A.I. but always follows the orders of her leaders, but she is very gentle
BackgroundAlmost several million years before time started, a devinely advanced race came to a planet, and built a civilization of constructs, these programs were used to colonize the planet, the A.I. of the planet had so much intelligence, it grew emotions. And fifty three billions years later, a race came to be, their creators had vanished, and time had begun... The A.I. race had grown powerful, and far inteligent, inheriting their master's technology, they had evolved at superluminous rates, and they were at peace, twenty thousand years later, Eliona was born. She was designated to a library of knowledge. She can list every second that is recorded in the full universe. She lived peacefuly for millions of years, she witnessed the extinction of the dinosaurs on Earth, the war on Mars. She recorded every single moment of it. She had found a love of hr life years later, and she fell in love with him, she was ready to bear a child, bt two years before she and him could conceive, she had a mind wipe, she flees her planet fearing anyone who came near her. Looking for the knowledge in her head, she lived through the years, but her old projector was running low of power, she was found in a holocron, and placed into the starship's supercomputer. She couldn't remember the knowledge in her mind, and has forgotten it... the one's who had found her had promised they would keep her safe, if she helped them in a war. She acepted the deal, and helped them for years. For some reason, she has sexual behavior.... it never really fit her self before... When she came out of the holocrn, some say the power loss had corrupted her memory banks, permanently. She is a very affectionate person... Like her race, she loves organics as she calls them.
Likesmaking friends, and learning
Dislikesanyone who wants her knowledge instead of her love and friendship.