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Toroth, as drawn by Bashful Persian

Vital Statistics!

Character NameToroth
Age3 dragon years old
SummaryToroth is a blue dragon toddler with bright green eyes, and an energetic personality to match. His 3 favories foods are ham, ham and ham. He always ries to brighten the day of anyone he meets.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDeep blue, with his tummy a light, almost robin's egg blue.
Hair ColourNone. He has scales, silly!
Eye ColourA deep, semi-translucent green.
ClothingUnless it's for a special occasion, Toroth eschews most clothing. His noble, smooth scales are display enough, and protect him from the elements! However, there is one item of clothing you'll always see him wear: a snugly-fit disposable diaper. The front of it has several rows of cartoonish-looking baloons. These baloons slowly fade away as he wets. This does spare him the ignobility of a caretaker actually patting his diaper to check. This also creates the ignobility of others seeing just how wet he is or isn't.
AccessoriesHe usually lugs around a large zippered travel bag, filled with pretty much everything he could need: crayons, coloring books, juice, diapers, wipes, powder, afew toys, his teddy bear and scale oil.
WeaponryThe last time he hit someone, he got a Time Out (he can breathe a little fire though).
Outstanding FeaturesHe has a wide, eager smile, and a slighty forked tongue. His wings flare out when he's nervous, excited or fumbling for balance.

Personality & Background

BackgroundAfter Shawn came across a lonely looking large egg, he took it home. Being a devoted "Dragonriders of Pern" series reader, he knew a dragon egg when he saw one. Shawn kept the little egg warm, and soon after, it hatched. Toroth and Shawn have been inseparable since. Toroth has gotten very good at stalking ham in the wild. After capturing the championship at the "Cute Baby Dragon World Invitational", Toroth capitalized on his title and influence to champion the cause of dragon-kind everywhere, and is founder of the "Ham For Baby Dragons" charity. His current projects include a children's book, a comic book, a animated Flash movie and successful potty-training.
LikesHam, butteflies, nice people, hugs, snuggles, moogles, DDR, crayons, making art for frinds, sunning on rocks, skittles, warm diapers, and singing.
DislikesBullies, cold weather, time outs, pickles.
OccupationDefending title holder of "World's Cutest Dragon" at "World Cute Baby Dragon Invitationals" for three dragon years running.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteHam?