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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKhelben Sabletip
SpeciesAqulupine (water wolf)
Height6' 4
Weight205 lbs.
SummaryKhelben is an aqulupine, or water wolf. He is able to breathe on land or underwater with little difficulty.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourKhelben's fur is sapphire blue on his back and a lighter sky blue on his stomach.
Hair ColourHis head is colored the same. Sapphire blue on the top and lighter sky blue on his muzzle.
Eye ColourA deep piercing violet.
ClothingNormally wears a tightfitting tunic of a special material that allows water to flow through freely. Another property of the material is to shift colors to blend with Khelben's immediate surroundings..effectively making him hard to see. Anyone staring at the clothing tends to get a bit queasy from the shifting of colors. A mask of similar material comes to just beneath his eyes and goes down to stop just above his gills it wraps around behind his head to cover his ears, leaving the only parts visible his eyes his fingers and his tail.
AccessoriesA pair of lightweight gloves. A ring carved from ebony with reddish veins mingled in.
WeaponryA pair of katana strapped onto his back. A belt containing a pouch with a dozen shuriken. A special dagger strapped to each calf muscle. The katana have blue crystal blades and silver hilts.
Outstanding FeaturesThe tip of his tail is a deep sable. Hidden by the fur on his neck are 4 gills on each side.

Personality & Background

PersonalityQuiet and watchful. Kind hearted.
BackgroundBorn in the Atlantic Ocean. Has a sister and half-brother.
LikesFemales. (Bi if the mood takes him ;)) Likes to read and just be at ease in nature.
DislikesMean and cruel personalities.
LocationCommonly lairs in Virginia of the United States. Spends equal time within the water and on the land.
OccupationA shadow.
Additional InfoHe has a fin on each forearm as well as two on each leg (one calf, one thigh). These are normally kept in close to the body but when swimming the slip out through slits in his clothing. His fur has a special oil that is highly water resistant, it makes water shed off his body rather quickly.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteVae Victis. Woe to the Conquered.