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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVernon Teggley
Height7' 11"

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark brown.
Hair ColourDark brown and shoulder length
Eye ColourOne yellow one blue
Clothinga long sleeve shirt with horizontal green and white stripes a pair of dark red pants held up bye light blue suspenders along with a pair of brown shoes. He wears a black and white version of this set of clothes when he is doing his mime routine.
WeaponryHis special abilities along with throwing knives among other tools of his trade, which includes a large mallet
Outstanding FeaturesHis body is quite thin and lanky thiough he is still healthy, being what his profession is he is also quite flexible with many talents

Personality & Background

Personalityhe's fun loveing and a bit goofy, though with some of his acts rather annoying
BackgroundHe grew up liveing in the circus his father the ringmaster the circus itself belonging to his family they always travelled alot while he was a kid so he hadn't made many friends when he was young eventually though he went off on his own to entertain people
LikesEntertaining people and furs. Makeing friends and other such good natured things.
Locationwhere ever there is the sound of wimsical circus music and good fun
OccupationCircus Performer/Mime
Additional Infohe has strange powers when it coems to some of his acts

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteHe has magical mime powers?!