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Awesokme gift from scream of maria getting jiggly with it

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMaria Darkskolf
SpeciesDarkskolf - Skunk-wolf hybrid subspecies
Age22 in pyhsical appearance
Height260ft but can sizeshift at will
SummaryCurvacious and lushly furred with her lush rear and 38D clevage this skolfess is big in more ways than one, emmiting an aura of mischeif and playfullness in kind with a random unpredictibleness, would she cuddle you, use you as her simple sex toy or simply crush you under her violet fleshed paw pads? the fem always with a big if somwhat sinister grin, with her teeth pearly white razors..both sets that is. Her powerful spicy musk incredibly potent to anybody around her, quite the opposite of most skolfs, she usses her musk and scent to attract others to her

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite/blakc skunk patterns
Hair ColourMedium length black spiked hair with pruple highlights throughout.
Eye Colourbright glowing emerald green. She wears thin rimmed ovalish glasses
ClothingVaries incredibly but usually a immodestly tight fitting bikni with a Union Jack on it. Mostly wears tight leather or outfits that show off her curvacious physique.
AccessoriesSilver Rings & Silver spiked rings in:heavily in both ears, bottom lip, stomach Silver skull studs: Tongue, both ears, Clit Silver bar pierceings: Eybrow, both nipples. Silver engraved ring on her biggest toe on left paw. Occasionally has chains and cages for micros on her pierces though only for 'special occasions'
Special AbilitiesNon per say. Simply has heightend senses at night, her scent and spray used as an aphrodisac and attracts rather than used to scare and intimidate, the spray itself making its nvitums much much more passive to her sulty and occasionally dark suggestions.
Outstanding Featuresbig jiggly macro skolfess not enough for you ?

Personality & Background

PersonalityTo some it up she is a flirty tease, extreamely playful though most times she 'plays' far to rough for others, hough she means well she is very callious on most occasions when she's macro though she is just a fun loving teae at heart, and more often tan not a very caring and compassionate person who does what she can for her friends
Background(Working on it)
LikesMacro/micro, vore, light paw play, Rampageing, cuddleing, BDSM, Growth/shrinking, Military Tech, History, debates
DislikesMarmite, Chavs, power Gamers, Ass kissers and Carebears
LocationIs usually out and about, or can be found in her secluded den
Additional Info Has enhanced hunting skills such as tracking and also has exceptional vison at night(in fact sees clearing and btter in the dark than in daylight)

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"She

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