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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShino Arrowin

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight grey with black spots
Hair Coloursame as above
Eye ColourDark blue cat eyes
Clothingwears a pair of dark green and brown tiger stripe camo pants with a pair of black boots a black A-shirt with a dark blue t-shirt tucked in over it and a Black long tailed coat with silver lineings, the picture of an Ocelots skull with crossbones it haveing a Dagger in it's mouth aswell on the back.
AccessoriesHeavy chains on his wrists and ankles aswell around his waist. Has a few pans with him for his cooking.
WeaponryA pair of katanas one called Tesuo and the other known as Kudaki. Also carries various throwing knives, stun grenades and a pair of Revolvers one a .357 the other a Single Action Army.
Outstanding FeaturesThe color of his eyes and the notch in his ear from where it was torn once.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's friendly enough when he wants to be but then again there is a slight seriousnous to him aswell. Then again he is kinda easy to get along with too.
BackgroundGrew up a tough kid, always picking fights with others going so far as to beat them while they were down. (Mostly cause he got carried away)eventually though it's when he got into cooking made his way up the latter as he studied his books some say he could find a dish and cook it perfectly without even looking in the book, he became a pirate liveing on the sea and makeing a life of pillageing and looting like most pirates do though he was thought by his crew to be an incredible cook he decided to get out of that life leaveing someone else in charge. He still gets into fights but he is a well enough guy now. Liveing in a three story home in Ferrion city.
LikesHanging around with friends sparring and goofing off.
LocationFerrion city at his home.
Additional InfoHe controls the elements to help with his cooking some say that's why it's so good. He knows two languages, the other one drow which was a side study to his cooking.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWhat are you talking about? This is good."