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Vital Statistics!

Character NameZuke Zorin ~Zee~
Height5' 11
Weight190 lbs.
SummaryZee is the epitome of "college student" life; works odd jobs during the school year, minimal course load, and spends every waking moment having fun. But for Zee, every waking moment isn't much. You see, he is well known for sleeping. Odds are if you spot Zee, he's taking a nap. He's equally as likely to be splayed out in an armchair human-style, or curled up on a sunny roof somewhere. Anywhere from 8-16 hours a day is spent asleep, though he makes up for it during his waking hours by being ridiculously active; either doing everything at once, or nothing at all. He's a happy-go-lucky sort of guy. Up for anything, and infectiously optimistic, he can liven up any get-together or social function...assuming he's awake.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBody fur is a slate-grey color, roughly similar to U.S. naval paint.
Hair ColourBrown with touch of blond mixed in, shoulder length. Usually tied back in a ponytail.
Eye ColourDeep green, with a hint of blue.
ClothingCargo shorts/pants and hawaiian shirts, usually unbuttoned, are his everyday wear.
AccessoriesDoesn't wear footwear very much, but sandals and shoes are possible.
WeaponryNone....so far...
Outstanding FeaturesThe fur on his left hand, entire right arm/shoulder, both ears, and the last fourth of his tail is charcoal black.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIrrepressible optimism is his Modus Operandi. A bit of a nerd when it comes to computer/board games, knows a ridiculous amount of random trivia, loves to sleep in the sun. Whenever its cloudy/stormy, he has trouble napping and is more active. Anyplace that is warm and sunny is a potential bed. Roofs, rocks, pavement, fields, anywhere is game.
BackgroundHe never talks about his past simply because no one asks him. The one thing others know is that is his entire family for the past 4 generations were grey wolves, save for two: one great-grandfather was a black sheep, in more ways than one: he had midnight black fur. The other is, well, Zee. No one knows why he is only onther one to have black fur. Most relatives are a bit standoffish to him because of his mutt appearance, which is a reason they pushed for him to go away for college; Zee doesn't mind, and would rather not see them just as they would rather not see him.
LikesThe sun. A lot. And sleeping of course, especially in the sun.
DislikesAbsolutely despises getting rained on.
LocationA moderately sized college in the Western mountains. Deserts, forests, plains, and water are all within a few hours drive, which is ideal for this outdoorsy guy.
OccupationDoes a lot of temporary jobs for short periods of time. Cook, janitor, bellhop, night watchman, whatever piques his interest. He doesn't need the money, so only does it for "fun".
Additional InfoNot much more to add.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteAnd there to conclude, all were happy, united in the present as they had been in the past. --Verne

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