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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePatricia Victoria Richtofen
GenderShemale :o
SummaryPatricia Victoria Richtofen, decendant of the great Baron, is an egotistical pilot with a vendetta against sit. coms and the modernization of third world countries. ><;; Playful, dominant, and most definatly cocky (le pun!), Patricia is worth the time to talk to.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourChestnut brown fur, darlings, to coat her entire form.
Hair ColourBlack, shoulderlength hair. Her bangs have been dyed a bright pink. :o
Eye ColourGrey
ClothingPatricia commonly dons a long white vest, black cut-off peasant top, and a long, black, billowing skirt.
AccessoriesPatricia's face and body is darted full of peircings. Some of which are located in the bridge of her nose, two in each eyebrow, three in each ear, two rings on each nipple, a barbell in her bellybutton, and four peircings lining each side of her genitalia.
Outstanding FeaturesNone

Personality & Background

PersonalityPatricia is an egotistical domineering selfish stunt pilot with a mind centered around gunfire, flight, and explosions (both bomb and fluid in nature).
BackgroundPatricia had what one would consider a "normal" childhood. Born male in body, female in mind, she was lucky to have understanding parents that aided her in her transformation.
LikesWW1 aircraft, flight, domination, obnoxiously bright colors, and Thai food. :3
DislikesTomatoes, lawn mowers, the Twilight Zone, sit. com's, and abstract art.
Locationpanther.furnet.org #RaisedTailsCafe
OccupationStunt pilot.
Additional InfoPatricia proudly dominates Winter, the skunkette, and is more than willing to accept more slaves under her rule.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteKhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!