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Vital Statistics!

Character NameOmar Rimes
Height7ft 11in

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourthe pattern of a red fox's fur with black tiger stripes.
Hair ColourSame as above though his head fur is bushier
Eye ColourDark green cat's eyes
ClothingWears a Black leather vest with various pockets a t-shirt and a pair of Dark brown Khaki pants with a black belt that also has pockets on it. A pair of light brown boots on his feet that have been modified for special conditions
AccessoriesA Black bandana around his neck that has a lightning bolt etched on it
WeaponryA pair of Katana one called Yamira the other Called Rukashi. Smoke bombs, flash bombs and explosives along with various other items of the ninjutsu trade. Kunai and shuriken with some coated in poison or venom.
Outstanding Featureshis fur pattern and eyes.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's a fun person at times as serious as one would expect.
BackgroundHe has lived for the longest time no one is sure about his original background though, it is said he was saved by a Shadowkitsune dureing a ninjutsu mission gone wrong and is now in debt to him (atleast thats what he thinks) and has been for hundreds of years, the kitsune keeping him alive for that purpose which would account for his age, though they have become friends anyway the ktisune does enjoy his company. He lives in a small home in Kacie city.
LikesHis friends, sparring. useing his Ninjutsu skills to steal.
DislikesPeople hurting his friends
LocationKacie village or when he is needed
Additional InfoHe knows various jutsu and has control over the shadows thanks to a gift from the Kitsune, he also has the ability to summon other elements at his will. He also has a second outfit that is just a pair of brown Khaki pants with a dark brown belt and a pair of dark blue sneakers while carrying his swords at his sides. His third outfit is a simple Ninja Gi that includes a mask and a longsleeve shirt with Dark green and black striped sleeves.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteYou must be as silent as the shadows and as swift as the wind. This principle applies to being a thief and a ninjutsu master.