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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNiya
SpeciesMountain Lion (Puma)
Height180 ft tall in Macro form and 5'9 in Normal form
WeightAsk if you dare....
SummaryIt seemed that there was no source of life within this desert, it seemed that life itself was a legend. However, as you creep further you notice there an oasis of beauty and nature at its essence. Birds chiming in the air while the crisp water fall makes the white noise of the atmosphere. A small thunderous thud was heard from the distance as you look up; wondering what on Earth it could be. From the distance, you notice the facial markings of slick and black across the eyes, a puma girl. A giant puma girl...ranging to 180ft. A bright smile wrapped across her lips as she seemed to be in her moment of joy, 24/7; nothing bothering her at all. A small gust of wind blew across your figure and hers, letting those silver braided tresses blow into the wind. She takes of her thin black stylish glasses from her muzzle and peers into the sky with those blue eyes of hers. A murr churrled from her throat, pleasant of the things around her. She was a gentle feline, quiet but when you get to know her, you wouldn't want to leave this puma girl. Idly, she places a long forearm'd gloved hand upon the top of her buxom chest, scratching it idly as she looked down at her shirt. A shirt that form into a tank top, slightly cut from the neck, bearing the top of her cleavage yet with conservatism of hiding her chest. She was a proper kitty you know. Colored black, it defines her figure since black is a good color to define the curves of the natural beauty that she possessed. Ironically, the label upon her shirt bluntly said in pink letters "PUMA.." Yet, it revealed a small part of her belly button, revealing her cut and healthy abdomen. She was a quiet girl, thoughtful of others and compassionatel, a sigh passed her lips when she slid her other gloved hand upon the pockets of her short cut pair of levi shorts, defining her legs was well as a hint of her rear. A sort of definition of a well toned and strong felis concolor puma. She began to walk closer to the oasis, revealing the tonality and definition of strong lower leg muscles, it seemed she was a runner like most pumas. She settled down upon the ground, her right ankle bearing a silver cross as well as feet were attired in black pumas, she looked up, neck slightly stretched as the bell around her neck dangled a hymnal chime. She looked down, noticing the person gazing upon her. She smiled, her voice calm and considerate, "It's such a beautiful day....isn't it?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTanish Brown with a white under belly from the chin down to between her legs with light white fur around her eyes (just what a puma has and the black lines of fur aswell)
Hair ColourSilver tight braids through her long hair which reahes down to her rump.
Eye ColourBlue
ClothingAsk me later
AccessoriesAsk me LAter
WeaponryAsk me later
Outstanding FeaturesAsk me later

Personality & Background

PersonalityFun cute and sexy
Backgroundask me later
LikesGuys, Dancing, Guys, Dancing, cuddling, girls, Girls, stripping, body paitning, fursuiting and girls and guys ^_^ Do ask me about my naughty side...^_^
DislikesBad people
Locationask me later
Occupationask me later
Additional Infoask me later

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