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Vital Statistics!

Character NameApi
SpeciesSilver Western Anthro Dragon
Height6.5ft at shoulder. 13ft nose to tail.
Weight260 lbs
SummaryWell what is there to say about me. Well as you can see I am a dragon....Dont be silly lad. Im not just a dragon, Im a silver dragon sporting a pair of sexy seagreen Eyes and blunt muzzle supporting my expressive lips. I love To cuddle and occasionaly get into fire and ice breathing contests. I do like to show off my dragon side alot. I am a bisexual dragon switching preferances for females and males at times. I am a dominate and a submissive for those of you who know what that is. I am very easy to get along with and I can be very very kinky at times.Very Kinky. I do strut around in a brass colar with "Api" engraved in the back of it. As well as chest harness and a matching loin cloth. Some of my kinks include Watersports, Anal, Light Bondage, Oils, Cum Play, And just being Naughty with Very Very Dirty Talk. Feel free to talk to me I do love new faces and making new friends. Friends are good ^_^.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDull Silver, Dark silver markings, Light Blueish Silver Belly. Gold wing membranes.
Hair ColourLong Wavy Dark Blue Shiny Hair. running down the back of my neck. small tuft of hair on chin
Eye ColourSuductive Sexy Green eyes
ClothingLoin Cloth, Collar With My name Engraved meaning i am a slave to myself, Matching Chest harness,
Accessoriespenis Ring going around the base of the head. Glasses, Chest Harness, and Brass Collar.
WeaponryDuh..... Breath Fire and Ice. Chem Reaction with the combination of Two or more chemicals produced by 4 glands located in my cheek pounces.
Outstanding FeaturesTwo small horns on head. Wear Small blueish Green tinted, Reading Glasses

Personality & Background

PersonalityOutgoing, Openminded, Optimistic, Creative, I dont like idiots or stupid acts. I can tolerate ignorance.
BackgroundBeen moved around all my life. Still not settled in one place.
LikesMost Fetishes including Watersports, Light Bondage, Dragons, Felines, K9, Equine, Anthros, Mechanical things that tick and electrical things that beep and have little lights that flash and flicker. Music, Art, Reading,abstract art, Some sports, Swiming, Biking, Motorcycles, Aircraft.
DislikesI do not like Scat, Snuff, Can tolerate Vore, Over exagerated genitalia and breasts.
LocationAsk me
OccupationI have too many talents to sift through ask me.
Additional InfoI am Also A website designer and I love to give great deals with furries. Furries are the only ones that i will trade art with in place of a website. I dont know how to host though nor will I Ever take on that responcibility. its up to the client to find web hosting. I am also an anthro artist. You can see all my adult stuff on FA click the link to my homepage to see it. Remember though. In order to view my art you have to register with FA to see the mature stuff. it only takes a few mins to register once registered click Control Panel> Account Settings> View Mature Submissions=yes

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteIf tomarrow is always a day away does it really ever come?

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