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that's me... I did this drawing, uh.. sorry about the size matter

Vital Statistics!

Character NameShelby Herring
Speciestabby cat

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourorange all around, except for the brown on my soles
Hair Coloureither as dark brown or jet black
Eye Colourblack
Clothingdepends on what I'm doing
Accessoriessometimes I wear work gloves or athletic tape around my wrists
Weaponrya sapphire bladed longsword, a pipe, a boulder,but most of all... my fists
Outstanding FeaturesN/A

Personality & Background

Personalityhard to say, I have to take psychiatric medication because I have mood swings, so... I could have any personality
BackgroundBorn in Alabama, moved to Colorado, then to Kansas, then finally to California
Likespizza, hosting TV shows, acting, video games, action and sci-fi movies, saving the world, and most of all, being with friends and family..... and oh yeah, I like the hilarious character known as Wyldsyde
DislikesNazis, MONGO (a military organization thought up by kit), gangs, and being wrong
Locationanywhere ( mostly California)
Occupationgame show host, retired boxer, dad, hero, aerodynamics engineer, inventor, and CEO of WWCFA ( World Wide Crime Fighting Association)
Additional InfoI became a macrofur after someone swicthed my medication with a hormonal intensifier

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"It's not who you are inside, but what you do that defines you" -Rachel Dawes- BATMAN BEGINS

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