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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKneph

He was born without a father and grew up without a mother, being an orphan from the time he was born. He was taken in by the temple elders, living in the temple of Anubis his whole childhood. As he became older he trained with the temple guards, ascending in the ranks rather quickly, becoming one of the guard heads before he turned 20.

He lived in the temple peacefully for years... nothing to bother him... then there was a war. Anubis sent his army to evade and capture Ammet's city, and Kneph was part of the first wave. Ammet's spies had heard of the plans, and the city was ready, and defeated the first wave with ease. Kneph was brought to Ammet, and the god cut his cartouche into his chest and slit the jackal's wrists, sending him back out into the desert with a message to bring back to Anubis.

He never made it back to the city.

The jackal lay dying in the desert sands, own clothes drenched in blood. He closed his eyes, expecting death to come soon. A shadow passed over his face, then it passed over him again, like a bird flying above him. Kneph didn't open his eyes, thinking the bird was a vulture waiting for the jackal's end. There was a slight scrunch as something landed beside him, then more scrunching as something, with four legs, walked over to him. It sat down near his head and Kneph opened his eyes, seeing a cat... a pure white cat, neck decorated with a gold collar. White avian wings were folded on the feline's back, the cat's golden eyes burning into him.

The cat spoke to him, telling how his goddess foresaw his death, and she sent one of her messengers to meet him. He came to tell him that the jackal's time was not over yet, and that he could continue on. He could make it back to Anubis's temple alive.

Then the cat flew away, leaving the confused jackal in the desert.

He did make it back to the city, traveling with no food, no water and no blood. He walked on slowly, weak but still alive... something was keeping him alive...no, no...he was no longer living. No possible way he could be alive. Or was there?

He returned to the temple, giving his god the message, but by then it was too late. Ammet had fought off Anubis's attack, killing many of his soldiers.

That was the day he left his temple home, by his own choice. As he traveled he was still "undead", feeling weak, but continuing on. As he traveled he was followed by the cat that had told him he could make it to the city, appearing in a sort of ghost form, only visible to him. The feline told him things... told him false things of his past.. and soon his actual past was forgotten. The cat tormented him with these memories, telling him many a false thing. He sent Kneph in insane rages, these rages often ending up in a death... but never his own. He did die a few times... but he was brought back to life by the cat, cursed to continue on in this tormented state.

One day Kneph happened upon an island and there he stole an orb containing the ex-goddess Sakura Tama's powers. There again he was almost killed, but was spared and welcomed into the island village. But the cat... it told him more untrue things... it told him about a great city in the desert, the city of the goddess Bastet. He told the jackal that Bastet wanted to meet him and that he had to travel to her city. Apparently the portal to her city was in the middle of Egypt’s desert and there he traveled, accompanied by Sakura and her friends. There they found a stone structure, but no portal. What they did find was the cat.

The cat told him and his friends that he was a demon, tormenting Kneph so he could feed off his misery. The feline had full control over the jackal's mind and with that he sent Kneph into another rage, his anger directed towards Sakura. They were able to knock him to the ground and tied him up, attention now turning to the demon.

The demon simply laughed at their efforts, going to his "pet" and untying him, replacing his memories with the memories of a slave, the once proud warrior now becoming a terrified slave. Sakura summoned her demonic sister, who ate the cat demon... and that was the end of that. Kneph gained back his original memories and went into a shock for a while, staying on Sakura's island village until he was ready to move on. He traveled many a year alone until he met the siren Storm, and fell deeply in love with her. They were married... and that is the present point of his history, currently he is married and lives with Storm in a beautiful home along the Nile.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTanish with black mits and feet.
Hair Colour...hair? oo; Umm, no, he doesn't have any.
Eye ColourBlue
ClothingYellow wrap with pouches tied to the belt. Mask of an Anubian warrior. (He used to be one of Anubis's temple guards)
AccessoriesPouches on his belt. An anhk necklace.
WeaponryTwo gold colored Scimatars, their handles wrapped in red leather. A small, jeweled dagger, it's blade three inches long.
Outstanding FeaturesAmmet's cartouche scared on his chest.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIt's hard to explain, really. He's loving yet can be a total bastard... depends on who you are.
BackgroundSee summary
LikesHuman woman, stealing stuff, cats, beautiful scenery in nature, books, history, reading, writing
DislikesAmmet, people that lie, bears, bees, oceans
LocationAnywhere he travels too
OccupationFreelance traveler

Just for Fun