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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePanda
SpeciesBlack Vixen
Heightshe's almost always small
Weightaverage i suppose
SummaryShe is a black-velvety vixen with the mind like that of a four year old. She can act very childish at times, despite her maturity, often proclaiming her own sexiness at often innopriate and random times. She will also cling onto someones muzzle or tail just for the fun of it. She can be violent at uptimes and is always demanding the attention of others since she loves it so much. She is also a loving little vixen that loves to make you happy an will cheer you up when you're down. She is also almost always smaller than 2 feet. Even though she is small, she isn't that all hard to notice. For she can usually be seen either running aroun after her large red ball, or chasing after a furs tail. She is also always wearing long dark cargo pants and a large gray jacket. She'll sometimes wear a hat or just let her long hair stay down.