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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAkari
SummaryAkari is, in a word, an innocent brown and black feline with a young mind, who anachronistically possesses a body that suggests a lot of things, with innocence not among them.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur is mostly dark brown, with a few haphazard dashes of black marks and stripes. She is a short-furred feline, which means she appears much sleeker than the typical catgirl, and also doesn't look absolutely ridiculous when soaked.
Hair ColourHer hair, as it were, is a much lighter shade of brown, is straight, and reaches all the way down to her waist.
Eye ColourHere eyes are rather unique in color. They do not possess vertical slits like typical cats, but have round pupils, much like human eyes. The irises vary in color as well. Her right eye is a bright aquamarine color, while her left eye is deep purple.
ClothingShe'll wear whatever she can get her hands on, really. Typically, it's a standard T-shirt and jeans, though on occasion she does like to wear a 2-sizes-too-small pink T with an exposed midriff, and a pair of denim hot pants which are cut so high that they drive men wild and her father to drink. When piloting her mobile weapons, she wears either a skin-tight body suit optimized to link with mechanical components, or a very heavy, very bulky, very unfeminine looking suit of Flight Armor, designed to negate extreme G-Forces and hold up against physical strikes.
AccessoriesThe only accessory she keeps with her at all times is a mood bracelet she built herself. It detects her current mood, and then projects a tiny hologram of a representation of that mood. When she's feeling glum, a storm cloud will appear above her head. When she's feeling curious, she ha a question mark. When she’s happy, she has a smiling chibified avatar of herself. You get the picture.
WeaponryAkari has three main weapons: First of all, is the futuristic fighter plane bearing her name, which is equipped to fire rapid fire energy weapons, a specialized, highly damaging "homing" laser, and a very large sharp blade mounted on the nose. She has since modified it with a rack to carry conventional missiles. Her second weapon is an 8 ft suit of mechanized armor which she designed and built herself during her time here. It currently has no weapons aside from its fist and feet, but she has plans to rectify that once she finishes testing it. Akari's third and final weapon is her set of claws on her hands. Not very damaging, but they hurt like hell if she gets you with an open-pawed strike.
Outstanding FeaturesHer most distinguishing feature is her distinct lack of distinguishing features. Her chest is a rather average C-cup, which complements her slender and toned body very nicely. ^.^

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's bubbly, carefree, and almost totally innocent, with a sometimes charming lack of knowledge about specific social taboos involving such things as nudity and monogamy. She's utterly and completely in love with Sakura and Enka Chasofito.
BackgroundAkari came to this place by quite literally falling from space inside the damaged spacecraft which bore her name. She was recovered from the wreckage by a pirate named Blue Mage and his adopted daughter, Sakura, and was soon taken in by their little family. Akari, suffering from amnesia, could not remember anything prior to waking up in Blue Mage's care, but she wasn't bothered by it, as she discovered that her personality was remarkably similar to Sakura's, and they soon became fast friends, and eventually, lovers. Things carried on normally for Akari and Sakura, with the occasional sexual misadventure that would drive their adoptive father mad. A few months later, Akari met Enka Chasofito, a resident of Ensprungen castle and member of the Chasofito family. They too became fast friends, and, before any of them could realize it, soul mates and lovers as well. And so, Akari, Sakura, and Enka formed a most interesting all-female love triangle, a relationship that persists right up to the present.
LikesAkari likes almost everything, but the things she likes BEST are: Sakura, Enka, Blue Mage, sunshine, playing in the park, ice-cream, snuggling, being "intimate," watching ultra-violent movies, watching the moon, swimming, and tennis.
DislikesSuffering, be it her own or others. She always does everything she can to alleviate the suffering of others. She also really hates making her father unhappy.
LocationShe can usually be found at Blue Mage's hangar, where she lives with Sakura and Blue Mage as a part of their family.
OccupationAkari spends most of her time just hanging around, and doesn't have an occupation. She's usually either out rolling in the grass, picking flowers, being with her lovers, or working on her weapons in her father's hangar.
Additional InfoAkari is not entirely organic. In addition to posessing all the normal organs (brain, liver, heart, lungs, etc...), she also possesses a diamondous crystalline neuro-lattice, which webs its way through her entire body and acts as a single giant storage medium for electronic data. Within this neuro-lattice is the entire OS for the AKARI spacecraft which she arrived in. It cannot operate unless Akari is physically plugged into it, leading some to speculate that Akari was created for the sole purpose of merging with this vessel and acting as its pilot.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Atomic Bullets: For the Man with no cock!"