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She's the only one allowed to be cute.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMethlayne
SpeciesFurry Dragon
Age165 (looks 25)
SummaryMethlayne's full name is Methlayne Hakkit Thatcher. Methy can be a gentle and quiet person, most of the time. She can also be quite a rocker and party go-er too. She's naturally cute, and doesnt really have to try hard to catch your eye. She's well built for a normal girl, with the curves to match. But don't think you've got much of a chance with her. :3

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark purple-red fur covering a thin layer of scales underneath.
Hair ColourHer hair goes down to mid-back and is a bright white. She usually wears it loose and fluffy.
Eye ColourDeep blue eyes.
ClothingAnything comfortable.
WeaponryShe's not a fighter so she doesnt use weapons. But she's not completly defenseless, in any form she has firey breath. She also has mild telepathy. She can only read current thoughts, and only if she isn't being blocked.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIn terms of predictability, Methy ranks about even with rf. She has been around the world a good bit in her (relatively short) life, and has afforded a bit of eccentricity. More often than not she loves to be cute and affectionate, though there is a much more serious side of her that surfaces when the need arises. Methy, like many traditional dragons, has a very strong maternal instinct, and treats some of her friends as she would her own children. (Namely rf, bluemage, and a few others)
BackgroundShe was born in Great Britan back when America was 'new'. She moved to America about two years ago, and has been rooming with ravage and kenny since then. Her full name is Methlayne Hakkit Thatcher, but everyone just calls her Methy. There is no relation to the drug by the same name. She is also ravage's musical muse, closest draconian friend, and the one who's constantly ressurecting him after a macro 'accident.' Methy has a 19 year old daughter, Emilane Thatcher. Emilane was one of rf's classmates back in grade school, though at that time rf had no idea who methy was. He still hasn't made the connection that emilane is her daughter, as right after they graduated, methy had a divorce with her (dubious) husband, and lost custody of her. She doesn't like to talk about it, and so the subject never came up.
LikesShe likes to make music. She's very good with guitar, drums, and a keyboard. Her musical idol is David Gilmore. She also has a great singing voice.
DislikesAnchovies. Those little wriggly fish disgust her.
LocationUsually near rf. She also has a cave (like any good dragon), which is decorated to be a bit of a mix between modern and medieval, and can accommodate anyone her size and smaller. She also has a workshop there where she can create spells and potions.
Additional InfoMethlayne was born a halfdragon, but after she moved to the States, she figured a change was in order. She assumed the same species as her adoptive daughter, Emilane Thatcher, and decided that a German Shepherd would suit her just fine. This being said, she is not ignoring her draconian roots at all. She still has all of her original magics, and can transform into two other more 'native' forms. She also still plays an important role in the dragon society, but any more information about this is scrictly confidential. The first of which is a 20ft half-anthro dragon. I say half-anthro because she walks on four legs, large fuzzy wings, has thumbs on her forearms, is covered in violet-red fur, and has a moderate bust. She can get away with just wearing a shirt in this form. Another form is a 30ft fullblooded dragon. Completly nonanthro, covered in scales and large wings spanning almost twice her height. There are at times during devious influence that methy may transform into one of the more vile creatures to plague a world. An 8ft tall sickly dragon, who's body is so bone-thin that it looks like a skeleton. It's rotten wings look as if it couldn't move air, but can propel this vicious beast at incredible speeds with equally threating agility. Her long withered snout holds teeth that rotate in the jaw like a chainsaw, and she has a firey breath that spits several gobs of hellish napalm. She also cannot speak. At beast, she can let of a wailing shriek, that could crack eardrums. This is one form you pray she never takes.