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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBdDragoon or Dragoon Morthoseth
Height7' 5
SummaryUmm, Hi? I dont really care to be so pretained to make a huge fantasic brilliant summary. Why? Cause im not a desc freak. Just talk to me i guess.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed and Black. Red outter scales and Black belly and under tail scales.
Hair ColourWhite or Silver
Eye ColourJade color
ClothingAttleboro Police Swat Gear
AccessoriesSilverish dragon pendant.
WeaponryWho needs weapons.
Outstanding FeaturesA scar over the right eye, Tattoo's on the arms.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIm a nice guy, Usually am a wise guy, but thats what makes me fun. Im usually up for anything, Either going out, hanging out, Chillin, driving around, Yiffing, Yiffing more, Drinking magaritas..Badabing. I just do what i have to do and its fun. Lets hang out eh?
BackgroundLived in Framingham Ma, then Natick Ma, then Milford Ma, Then uxbridge MA, And Now Attleboro ma. Learned how to steel cars when i was a kid in Framingham MA living in the ghetto of beaver park...im white lol. And uhh..yeah, badabing.
LikesBeing Tied Up, Tying People Up, Being Used and played with, Doing the same to others. Mechanic work, Torches, Racing, Motorcycles, Bike riding and Offroading.
DislikesGimpy people, Not having money, etc etc. Just ask really, Theres not much i dont like..
LocationAttleboro MA
OccupationManager for Uhaul, Soon to be shift manager for BJ's wholesale distribution center in Uxbridge MA..Lots of money, Bwwhaha...Mechanic for uhaul too
Additional InfoWhatever, Ask and you can find out.

Just for Fun

BlogBdDragoon on Livejounal.
Favourite QuoteConfront your emenies and fight them when you can, A gentleman will walk and never run.

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