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The Priestess

Vital Statistics!

Character NameEurydeisca
SpeciesHuman (Mostly)
Weight120 pounds
SummaryThis wandering white priestess is determined to spread the will of her god, Akamatsu. Not through prayer, scripture, and sermons, mind (though they have their place), but by performing acts of kindness to selflessly better the lives of those around her. For a Hourai priestess, it matters not what religion you believe, so long as you are merely a good person.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer skin is very pale, but never sickly.
Hair ColourHer hair is as white as the snowy tops of the mountains of her homeland.
Eye ColourHer eyes are a brilliant reddish purple in color.
ClothingShe typically wears the black and red garb of a Hourai Priestess, consisting of a pair of shin length red cloth boots, a pair of tied, yet not overtly revealing black slacks, and culminating in a belt comprised of a single large red and gold silk strip tied in a massive bow at her hip. Oh her chest, she wears a tight, yet unrevealing, black longsleeve decorative undershirt, upon which she wears a short sleeved silk jacket, also black, which bear a white character on the front. Together with the red and gold decorative shoulder pads she wears, they serve to mark her as a priestess of the Hourai religion. During her free time a private momens, she prefers the looser, much more billowy traditional robes, which resemble a snow white kimono with minor differences.
AccessoriesEurydeisca has a personaly affinity for rings, and wears red rings upon each arm (Two about her upper arm, one upon her wrist), and a gold ring affixed to the front of her shirt by two red strands of silk.
WeaponryShe possesses no firearms. Not for any aversion to them, but merely stemming from the fact that she doesn't know how to use them. Her main skills are that of a Hourai Priestess, and are comprised solely of arts of healing and absolution, though in her travels she has picked up a few offensive and defensive magics. Though she finds violence in any form to be distasteful, it's important for a Priestess to be able to hold her own, should the need arise. In addition she carries a pair of katana-esque blades. However, these are primarily used for ritualistic sword dancing, and she would very much prefer NOT to use them as weapons.
Outstanding FeaturesHer most distinguishing feature would be the pair of white feathery wings sprouting from her back, a characteristic of her unusual heritage.

Personality & Background

PersonalityEurydeisca is a calm, soft spoken individual who only wishes to go about her business in peace. They are very rare circumstances indeed that cause her to raise her voice or act aggressively against another.
BackgroundEurydeisca was created during a spate of genetic tampering by prominent Solont scientists, but as funding dried up, they needed a place for the young gifted children they had given life to. Rather than have them liquidated, as one might expect, they had them placed into foster care. Eurydeisca was one of those children, and was adopted at 6 months of age by a very loving mixed species couple, Skunk and Human, who lived in the Hourai Province in the far northern regions of Solont, and were very devoted followers of their religion. Secluded in their mountain village, Eurydeisca and her family were spared the ravages of the high technology war that raged off the planet. As she came of age and completed her rites of passage, thus becoming a full Priestess, she resolved to set out into the world and do what little she could to ease the pain of those that suffered.
LikesShe likes fresh air, snowy weather, children, spreading the will of her lord Akamatsu, and performing deeds as a good samaritan and protector for those around her. She asks little in return.
DislikesViolence committed against the innocent, lewd gestures being directed her way, and those who deliberately and directly profit or gain pleasure from destruction and torment.
LocationShe wanders, for now.
OccupationShe was raised to be a Hourai priestess, and has never strayed from that course.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"If all you know is violence..."