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Rawrr.... hehehehe

Vital Statistics!

Character NameShzaara (Shiz)
Speciesxenomorph, drone
AgeUnknown (Young18?)
Height2 meters
Weight(wanna meet a facehugger?)
SummaryShe lived a tough life growing up, but she likes her new life, even though she has to run from Ripley, She likes it alot

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourJet black, brown patches
Hair Colournone
Eye Colournone
ClothingI'm a xeno.... hehehe(purs).... nothing really...
WeaponryMy second mouth, my razor sharp claws, and my tail (Plays with). And my blood... Please refrain from bitting me too hard, or cutting me...
Outstanding Featureslong tail, razor sharp tip, and big breasts

Personality & Background

PersonalityPlayful, loving, very nice, she lived a miserable life growing up, she was forced to eat human remains, She is really vegitarian, and mae to hurt others. But she likes other poeple, cares for many things. She likes to get to "Know" her new friends very well
BackgroundDrone of alien hive
LikesCuddling, snuggling, chocolate, shiny things, yiffing, playing with her friends, making friends, manga, chewing on things, having her tail pulled and played with, irritating Ripley, crawling around in vents, chewing gum
DislikesMeat, killing, poeple who run from her because she is of an evil orgin, getting cut, Seeing others get hurt, guns, and anything that can kill, people who try to hurt or kill her
LocationNew york
Additional Infoshe gave up on her tandard aien tongue, she moved onto studying human language, and has amstered it. She loves everything, except for the poele who try to hurt or kill her.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Mrawr..."