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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTril
Height5 Inches
Weight1/2 pound
SummaryTril could take care of herself... After all, she was tall for her kind. They were a versatile species, the Yirthe, despite their lack of size. They were preferred by most avid travelers as companions due to their innate ability of illuminescense, saving plenty of gold that would be spent for torches, and their polymorph, changing from feline to anthro form at will. If your friendship with the Yirthe was strong enough, a 'mental bond' could be formed. They could make wonderful distres beacons, sent out as a last resort, using their bond to help them guide help back. They were amazing herbalists as well, most of their medicines now widespread throughout the medical field. Tril's looks resembled a winged panther, towering just over the 4 inch barrier(a tall one!).

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThe Yirthe's fur is a midnight black, white 'bracers' of fur wrapping around her wrists and ankles, looking as if the feline were wearing shackles.
Eye ColourEven with someone of her size, her eyes stood out from the rest of her, a clean crystalline blue iris against blackness.
AccessoriesA satchel. What something so small carries, who can tell.
Outstanding FeaturesHer wings, normally seen fluttering in a white blur behind her as she is never known to stay in place for long, are an almost angelic white, the stark white tone looking as if it is glowing. Her paws were also an oddity, sharing the large rounded qualities of a Sphinx, making the quadruped look almost cartoonish in a way. Her scent was a mixture of herbs and spices; the resulting smell resembling a sweet honey.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCharming, if a little innocent. However, when it comes down to it, Tril has traveled many hours with many companions. She trusts those who respect life, but abhors those who don't.
BackgroundShe had thought she found the perfect companion... but she was wrong. She was sent out to seek help when her bond had run into some trouble. No more then halfway back with help, she felt the bond shatter... She was alone once more.
OccupationTravel Companion