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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDeroken Leno Vonin
SpeciesWere skunk
Height8ft to ?
Weight378lbs to ?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAnthro form: normal patterns of a skunk. Ferral form: black with white diamonds going down his back. Human form: tan skin
Hair ColourAnthro form: solid white Feral form: indistinguishable Human form: black.
Eye ColourAnthro form: Red Ferral form: gold Human form: blue
ClothingSet1: Wears only a pair of light brown khaki shorts with a black leather belt a pair of dark brown belts across his chest. Set 2: a dark grey t-shrit that has the symbol of a shield with a falcon in it, a black sleeveless vest over it a pair of Denim jeans that have a cotten wove grey belt around his waist.
AccessoriesA pair of golden braclets around his wrists. a quiver for arrows and a small satchel for supplies.
WeaponryCarries a bow, a broadsword and a spear. Along with throwing knives and explosive throwing needles.
Outstanding FeaturesThe tribal markings going up and down his arms while in anthro and human forms

Personality & Background

PersonalityFun loveing and kind when calm, though he can be territorial towards mean and nasty people
BackgroundHe lived in his village for quite some time makeing ends meet as were neccesary att he moment he is on a journey frmo said village to learn about the outside world for now.
LikesHaveing fun, causeing a few fights and good food.
Dislikeshe is very territorial and doesn't like much when people try to murder a massive group of furs and people for no reason, especially when he's in that group
LocationWere skunk tribal village on the island Ameno
Additional InfoHe has a vast knowledge of spells includeing sizeshifting and shields. Magic has little or no effect on him while he is in his human form, though he perfers his anthro skunk form more and refuses to rely on his human form in a fight.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteSkunks don't smell if they don't spray!