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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAccalia
SpeciesWunk (Skunk/wolf mix)
Height180 ft macro 5'8 normal
Summarya female wunk, a skunk/wolf mix, stands in front of you, unintentinaly showing off her well built and curvy body. Her fur a dark silver with white markings, stripes down her back and along her tail and white covering her front from her muzzle down to her thighs, inculding spots around her blue eyes and uniquely styled, rimmless glasses. long silver hair hangs down her back from under a white bandana. aruond her neck, a silver ballbearing necklace clinging around her. on her paws, black leather gloves, fingers cut off above the knuckle. over her torso is a white sleaveless tshirt with lettering that read "Wunk Adult Ent" written out, tight fitting and accenting her figure nicely.across her upper arm was a tattoo of barbed wire, white and standingout against her fur. in the bare midrift the shirt revealed, her belly button piercing glinted against her fur, a dark silver barbell. her blue camo pants clung onto her pants loosely, low enough to show a bit of her white thong straps, her black leather belt keeping them from falling all together. The buckle was a silver star holding it all together. she wears black and blue DC shoes, blue laces and sole matching her pants, over her feet.