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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMega Mahoney
Height7' 10
Weight400 pounds
SummaryAn exiled Jogauni (elemental dog) of the Mato (Earth) tribe, trying to get along in the surface-dwelling world.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShades of tan, grey, and brown
Hair ColourBeige
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingAs pictured; a halter and skirt of hide. Occasionally she'll wear more "modern" clothes to fit in.
AccessoriesVarious stone bangles and jewelry, as well as her tribal earring.
WeaponryA granite sledgehammer of improbable size.
Outstanding FeaturesTribal markings, extremely muscular

Personality & Background

PersonalityMega is somewhat more aggressively curious than most Mato (that's how she got INTO this situation!) but as as practical and hard-working as any. While she never completed the ritual to become a guardian, the heroic mindset that drove her towards it remains - she believes in protecting those weaker than her (which, in her state, means most people) and will never strike first in a fight; she will not start a conflict but she will always finish it. Socially, she is outgoing and physical; her way of greeting people is often a bearhug that doesn't quite crush anything vital.
BackgroundMega is a Jogauni, a canine-derived race that emerged in the dim mists of prehistory as maintainers of the planet's balance. They partake of both magical and mortal qualities, and the eight tribes alternately war and assist each other - not out of hatred or mundane alliances, but to maintain the elemental balance necessary for life. Mega was a young member of the Mato - the Earth Tribe - and training to become a guardian. While on a task deep within the caves that her tribe called home, she came across a glowing crystal. The Mato find certain kinds of rock and crystal ediable - and quite tasty! - and Mega was hungry, so she foolishly decided to have a snack. Unknown to her, the crystal was a discarded channeling aid - much valued by the elders but far from a safe thing to eat, as it served as a very concentrated source of Earth essence. The results were apparent by the end of the day. Mega was lucky in that it did not kill her, but it made her a giant in relation to her kin as her body was flooded with elemental power. A normal Jogauni stands from four to five feet; Mega was pushing eight, with greatly increased muscle mass in the bargain. Given the underground existence of the Mato, this made for a very uncomfortable situation. After much deliberation and the accidental distruction of some very valuable heirlooms on Mega's part, the elders decided that Mega was to leave the tribe. Her condition, officially, is not of an exile but that of an envoy to the surface world, but it was made very clear that she was not to return until and unless her condition was reversed. Since that time, Mega is attempting to fit in "up above" with mixed results. While the Jogauni are not ignorant of the modern world, neither do they hold much respect with it, save for the Phalama - the Metal Tribe - as those have greatly benefited from the industrialization of the world. Her last name she picked at random from a telephone directory, since it sounds somewhat like her tribe. She has since learned to better channel the earth's energy and is capable of greatly increasing her size and strength, as well as controlling earth and stone with her will. She has some conflict with society in that many of the customs and habits of the modern world make little sense to her. While Mega is always very careful in regards to avoiding loss of life, she has only a vague understanding of the idea of personal property. As such she doesn't worry about merely toppling buildings - one can always rebuild them, after all! (The fact that she is also always the first to volunteer to help rebuild them goes a long way towards making this little quirk of behavior acceptable.)
LikesShowing off, playing "hero", boundless enthusiasm, getting her way
DislikesThose who prey on those weaker than themselves
OccupationVaries, but often as a construction worker or other manual labor.
Additional InfoAppearance: Normally, Mega stands at 7' 10" in height, around 400 pounds in weight. Her short fur is of various shades of brown and grey, ranging from a tan back to a dark slate-grey front. The fur somewhat softens the lines of her impressive muscle tone, though it is more "dense" than "hypersteroidal". Her upper arms and right thigh are encircled by the tribal markings of the Mato. Normally, she wears simple clothing - as the Mato also have only a vague understanding of the concept of a nudity taboo - chosen more for ease of replacement than style. Mega is rarely seen without her chosen weapon - an extremely large sledgehammer of granite. She is not exactly entitled to it, having never become an official guardian, but Mega was granted an special exception due to her status as an envoy. With her great facility for channeling elemental power, she can get much, much bigger than this - in theory, she could tap ALL the power of the Earth to grow as big as the planet, but as this power is what allows life to exist it would be a Bad Thing™ to do. In practice, she limits herself to tapping into the local surplus... which still allows an impressive 2,500 feet or so without any lasting harm. A quirk of this is her footsteps do no damage to the earth or natural lifeforms that draw sustenance from it such as plants, regenerating them on contact. This protection does not extend to artificial structures or to more advanced lifeforms, so Mega tries to confine her periods of growth to natural environments when there is no emergency - her attitude towards material possessions notwithstanding.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteSecond Life: Mega Mahoney IRC: Mega