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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMikami Ohata, Shosa (Major)
SpeciesNH-17 Ningyō Heiki Nekovalkyrja, Jyuhachi-sen
Age6 years (physical development equivalent of 18)
Height161 cm (5' 3")
Weight45 kg (99 lbs.)
SummarySummary of abilities (Description is below):
Radio-based cyberlink 50 km with scramble capacity;
Skillsoft download capability (moments to download, 20 minutes total time to adapt to the skill, skill will be at the level of a professional in the field);
Onboard Memory backup and logging;
Skin-based active camouflage (pattern-shifting chameleon-like, does not alter clothing);
Holographic thermoptic camouflage (IR, visual, and UV cloaking, includes clothing);
Hemosynthesis system: ability to make simple objects (cannot have moving pieces more complex than a lever, slide, or roller) from nanomachine-laden blood, plus rapid regeneration;
Inertia Controlling Ability: Ability to manipulate gravitational, electrostatic and magnetic forces to allow a Nekovalkyrja’s body to self-propel itself in zero to two gravities. They can hover around up to speeds of about seventy miles and hour in any direction, can produce Electrogravitic (Electromagnetic/gravitic) effects;
Ultra-high agility and reflex time, on the order of seven to ten times human maximum reaction times;
Able to lift 2 metric tons, run at 150 kph;
Ability to hear in the infra- and ultrasound regimes;
Ability to use internal hemosynthesis for self-modifications of the eyes to see in the IR/UV range on command;
Shielded mind (due to the computer-like nature of her mind, communicative psionics not designed to link with a machine cannot make telepathic contact.);
Disease and poison resistant;
Can live on almost any and all organic matter;
Shoulder-Link Interface Control System for Powered Armor Interface

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourNo fur, almost milky-white skin
Hair ColourGreen hair, worn to neck-length, straight, waved slightly forward.
Eye ColourViolet, with slit pupils like a cat
ClothingPlease refer to picture (coming not-so-very soon)
WeaponryType 28 Imperial Service Pistol
Type: Electrogravitic Induction Pulse (Energy weapon)
Class: Pistol
Sub-class: Combat pistol, compact pistol, machine pistol
Base Model: Type 28
Sub-model: Type 28A, 28A/C, 28A2, 28C, 28C/C, 28C/C Himiko Custom, 28D
Dimensions: 173 x 92.5 x 33 mm
Weight: 500 g
Rate of fire: 300 rnds/min
Range: 300 m (both combat and maximum effective due to focus issues past this point)

Energy ratings: Stun can knock a baseline human out. Heavy stun can knock a Nekovalkyrja out (and most "enhanced" or "powered" human-sized opponents). Stun operates by inducing a disruptive electrical current in the target nervous system, causing the muscles to "short circuit" and misfire, as well as causing unconsciousness when the misfires reach the brain. Pulse has the power to kill most human-sized targets in a single shot, also can take out a car door. This works by inducing current in an object sufficient to cause localized superheating. In an organic, this causes a steam explosion. In an object, this will build (in microseconds) until it surface-vaporizes or forces thermal shock explosion to occur. Heavy could destroy an entire car in a grenade-like blast.

Capacity: 50 stun/pulse, 8 heavy (BR-28, 28A behind receiver).

Controls: Trigger fires one shot with light pull, fires automatic with firm pull. Button safety above trigger. Two buttons foreward of trigger on right side activate light or laser sight/designator. Selector switch on left side above grip (S, P, H.) [Stun, Pulse, Heavy]. Shot counter on battery magazine.

Additions: Tritium night iron sights. 28A and on has redesigned rear sight. Walnut grip with engravings, depending on model. 28A is 169 mm long, 28C and D are 161 mm long. Battery redesigned for 28A on.

Review: The Type 28 (and its offspring) is easily the most common sidearm in the Empire. It is just slightly worse than its' predecessor, the type 27, in terms of durability and ruggedness, yet it's an even lighter weapon. The 28 has iron sights and slightly better range than the 27. The 28's biggest difference is the redesigned stock, which is specially balanced to keep most of the weight in or above the hand. The civilian (A/C, C/C) version is an excellent seller throughout known space. The 28A and 28C have almost completely replaced the 28, with the 28A still the most common. The 28D has had few takers. Human grips are available, including custom-fitted ones. Lots of holster-type accessories. Camo, blood red (not purchasable, provided only to specific units), gold-plated, Parkerized (28A2).

Outstanding FeaturesCat-like ears and eyes, near-human, small claws.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery forward and direct, with a demeanor befitting an Imperial Japanese Navy officer (which her society closely emulates). She is VERY aware that she is effectively a disposable weapon, though, and while viewing herself somewhat above the status of tool or machine, ranks herself below a living person.
LikesBooks, information, learning, reading, inventing, writing
DislikesDisrespect, noise, tentacles (not made by her)
LocationToo damn close.
OccupationCommanding officer, 233,755th Powered Armor Squadron
Additional InfoIMPORTANT: Mikami is a CHARACTER, not ME! She is meant for roleplaying. Do NOT assume just because Mikami acts in some way when playing IN CHARACTER that I, the player, IRL, believe or feel the same! For many folk this is hard to grasp, so I will state it AGAIN: Mikami is a CHARACTER, not ME! Note also that often, in a room that is mostly OOC, I will USUALLY be OOC. If in doubt, ASK!!!
Hopefully this will sink in. Thank you.

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