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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGenji Niyaido
SpeciesSupposed to be zoomorph (catboy), but is he really...?
Weight149 lbs.
SummaryA charismatic catboy that has found nothing but the pain of his family's treason, Genji has tried his best to forget his past and start his life anew, knowing nothing but the arts of thievery and magics of illusion. He never really cares about what people think about him, and less does he care about what people think about what they think he thinks about them... or something like that. Mischevious to a fault, nothing will stop Genji from doing what he wants. Somehow he ended up coming out of his world, and has ended up elsewhere. No complaints, ofcourse.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourNone. As for skin color, white. Black cat ears. Black hair tail. Pink earlobes. Anthromorph Halfling: human with animal characteristics. Cat tail, cat ears, cat eyes, sharp nails and even cat scent. Everything else is human.
Hair ColourBlack.
Eye ColourYellow.
ClothingGreen head-covering bandana on the head. A black long sleeved shirt under a sleeveless green jacket that is blue at the shoulders. Black leather gloves. Long green pants with long, two feet pockets in them at either side. Finally, sandals made to cushion landing and exclude sound, perfect for sneaking.
AccessoriesNone of importance.
WeaponryA pair of sais he calls The Twains. Everything else is an array of different kinds of bombs and darts. They include Can Bombs (lower form of grenade), Boom Bombs (a flashbang except without the flash part), Darts (standard, sharp 5 inch long darts) and Poisoned Darts (the same kind of darts cept with poisoned tips). As for the rest he has quite a few illusory magics that aid him in his stealing and sneaking.
Outstanding FeaturesSkinny, dexterable and extremely agile.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery care-free and completely unaware of social boundaries, he talks, walks and acts the same no matter where he goes; and this usually brings up quite a reaction from others that interact with him. He has no regards towards respect, dignity, honor and loyalty, feeling they are stupid. However, he isn't the kind of guy that goes killing people, so he isn't bad either. He's just doing whatever comes to mind, as so to keep himself entertained and well-fed.
BackgroundWas born and raised by a gang of theives that used to pick on him when he was little in a somewhat a japanese culture's medieval times. As he grew, he learned the ways of the thief and in time excelled his own team mates' abilities. However, his 'brothers in blood' were jealous of his talents, and came up with an idea to frame him for a crime. They did, and Genji suffered 7 years in prison, until one day he discovered an ability that would enable him to escape. Genji shortly got revenge on his fake family for what they did to him; his teachers, mentors and brothers... all decieved him for what he was. After a few months of slacking off, he found himself with a couple of heroes that added him into his ranks, and came to meet Zack. After a while, however, their disciplined activities became boring, and Genji left the guild, and Zack came following after. Zack and Genji became most wanted in their surrounding regions in less than two weeks.
LikesWomen, sex, etc... Also likes to have fun, vandalize, money, etc... Mostly every form of mischeif and anything that's good or feels good.
DislikesCops, government, authority. Hates it when others try bossing him around, or whenever he tries to be controlled. Hates it when people are boring. Hates everything that feels bad and makes him get depressed.
Additional InfoPlease, go easy on him. He's... not very socially adapted and does not know what it is to have respect so... yeah. Try not to kill him. >.>;

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteA quote? A quote... a quote... okay. I got one: never steal. Yeah...