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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAnasazi
Height5'8 in normal and 180 in macro
Summarya lovely orange vixen stands in front of you, shapely and athletic tone body covered in soft orange fur. Long blonde hair flows down her back in a golden curtain almost hiding the black leather collar around her neck, black highlights hanging in front of her face. A black visor sits around her head, the purple and black Arizona Diamondbacks logo stitched into the front. A pair of rimless reading glasses sit perched on her muzzle, making one wonder how they stay on. At second glance, the collar she wore was more then simple leather. Across the front was fine stitching of initials, CC+LH, the clasp resting against the back of her neck. To any other it would seem like a normal collar, to her it's a gift and symbol of love from the mate she received it from. Covering her chest is a black, sleeveless t-shirt, the Arizona diamondbacks logo etched on the front as well. Hugging her wide hips are a pair of blue jean bellbottoms, almost hiding her feet if it wasn't for the slit up the side of each cuff. Black leather belt wraps around her waist to hold onto her jeans and black and white trimmed DC skating shoes cover her feet. On her hands, white fingerless gloves with black trim accent her black 'gloves' already covering her hands. On her right arm is a black leather bracer, clinging to her forearm just above her glove. On her left arm is a black section wrapping around her arm, not her fur but a tribal tattoo of what looked like barbed wire, wrapping around her upper arm. And a glittering attracts your eyes to her bare midsection where her bellybutton piercing rested hooped through her bellybutton.

Personality & Background

Personalityfun lovin
Likesboys and girls yiff with girls and snuggling she enjoys dancing just ask she'll dance for you