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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKitana
SpeciesWinged Vixen (Kitsune Dragon Hybrid)
HeightVaries, natural is 300ft / 100 meters
WeightVaries, at natural ~13,000 Tons

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTypical Red Vixen, well, almost, the red is almost blood red. Much darker than normal red vixen. The white is normal, and the black is well, black.
Hair ColourStrawberry blonde and shorter than in most pictures. Long hair was turning into a drag for flying.
Eye ColourPiercing deep blue eyes
ClothingBlack spandex bottom, and matching bikini top, minimalist, but it works.
AccessoriesOnly a small golden necklace with a cage attached to it.
WeaponryAll natural, babe... You don't wanna find out what they are, it means you are likely not long for this world, or are in for a whole lot of hurtin.
Outstanding FeaturesPerhaps, my wings? Huge redfurred dragon wings, just the same color as most of my body.

Personality & Background

Likescoming soon...
LocationNortheastern USA

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