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A wildly mischief loving fox with a ray gun! Image most graciously created by Wolfie.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameSasaki Dalanchi Chasofito
SpeciesMonarch Demoness
AgeOld enough for you, young enough to fool around!
WeightTrim, Fit, and totally fantastic!
SummaryThe Black Demon Vixen who meows!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAn anthro vixen with a delicate and lithe appearing body though she is generously plush on the rump and chest. Her body is covered in black well groomed silky fur which also serves to cover her body decently.
Hair ColourHer head is first with her regular short fur. Then her fluffy whiskers from which her cute nose is found and under which a mouth often in a mischevious smile. Her ears sit on her head and around her face is a curtain of longer fur as though a shoulder length hairdo which would have been simple hair if she was human.
Eye ColourShowing a hint of herself, her knowledge and power, her playful sense and pride, the entity that is this demoness. Green and at first seemingly simple emerald eyes but on closer looks shows quite unusual depths that seem to lead to another world.
ClothingShe is usually without as her fur covers her body sufficiently though at times she also has a lime green kimono with a sky blue trim and is held with a crimson stretch of cloth. Designed to accentuate her curves and form fitting.
AccessoriesA Thunder Rod- Good for making one's fur stand on end. A Super Eraser- Good for rubbing out bad stuff. A Sizer Gun- Good for changing one's size. ^_^ An Amulet- Tap to change one's size and creature form. A Dragon Plushie- Given to her by her mate as a present. ^^
WeaponrySasaki- She herself is the weapon. She can form anything she wishes or she can simply grow and smush whatever offends her. ^_^

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe is playful and mischevious. Her persona branches from the thought that the world is a bit of a playground and those in the world are ones she plays with. If someone like her, a play mate. If someone who draws her respect, a sort of parent figure. The ones she loves and she holds dear are almost mates. Though she has one true mate she holds in her heart...
BackgroundThere is a castle that flies. This castle is home to a great family. The castle is called Ensprungen, and this is also her home.
LikesShe likes to be affectionate. She likes to be with friends and play with them. She likes to help others when she can, she can be rather stubbornly in this too at times. She also likes seafood. Fishes in particular :3~
DislikesShe is somewhat prideful. She hates those who question against her views especially when it comes to her honor. She doesn't like sometimes persistent static cling except when she's making it for fun or it's being done in light spirit. She also really hates those shrink rappers. Rawr!
LocationSasaki has long since left the home of her parents and now a days lives in a mountain castle with her many sisters and couple brothers. The mountain's location is as of yet unknown but if you manage to persuade one of the Chasofitans to take you there then it seems to be just a short walk away.
OccupationSasaki is a loyal and fairly devoted fox of Bigfurs! Working hard to maintain the peace, she is not afraid to help any who ask her!